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Documents Require for Symantec SSL Certificates

symantec ssl

Know how Symantec Validates EV, OV and Code Signing Certificate

Symantec today one of the most trusted SSL certificate authority and hundreds of top websites are using Symantec’s SSL certificates and solution for web security. Symantec offers Organization validation, extended validation and code signing certificates to their customers including daily malware scanner and free vulnerability assessment which makes Symantec a more trusted SSL brand. All Symantec SSL comes up with Norton web trust seal which is the most recognized and trusted site seal, genuine customers trust Norton trust seal more as per a survey on trust seals.

Before Symantec go further to issue SSL Certificate it will ask to verify business document along with issuer’s details.

Documents Require for Symantec OV & Code Signing Certificate
Documents Require for Symantec EV SSL

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