Obtain the Best Symantec Secure Site SSL Providers & Their Advantages

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Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate – Secure Your Business Transactions with 256-bit key encryption

Organization Validated, aka Business Validated SSL certificate like Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate is a high assurance certificate used to identify the business or organization’s existence and provides an instant security solution with strong SSL protection for website and visitors. The role of the OV SSL certificate is to encode user’s confidential information and keep them safe on the website. An Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate helps you gain visitors trust on your site and it shows your business name in site seal.

About Symantec

symantec-ca-aboutsslNow Symantec is one of the top most SSL brands in the industry. Also, there are many certificates covered by the Symantec namely Secure Site, Secure Site EV, Secure Site Pro, and Secure Site Pro with EV & Secure Site Wildcard. Let us get deep into one of the finest products of Symantec namely Secure Site SSL. As per W3Techs report “Symantec Group is used by 16.2% of all the websites whose SSL certificate authority and this is 5.2% of all websites.” Now Symantec is one of the top most SSL brands in the SSL industry. The Symantec Certificate Authority has multiple SSL certificate products, namely Secure Site, Secure Site Pro, Secure Site EV, Secure Site Pro with EV, Secure Site Wildcard and Code Signing certificate. Let’s get deep into one of the Symantec OV product, i.e. Secure Site SSL certificate.

What is Symantec Secure Site SSL and what are Advantages of it?

Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate is capable of securing sensitive information with the strongest SSL encryption level up to 256-bit. It provides you full organization validation for domain security (such as www.yourdomain.com and yourdoamin.com) that shows customers your website is trusted and genuine by the leader SSL provider Symantec.


Advantages of Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate

Norton Site Seal

symantec-norton-seal-aboutsslNorton Site Seal by Symantec is well-known Seal mark and seen almost a billion times per day in 170 countries. In an international online customer survey, 90% of respondents are likely to continue an online shopping when they show the Norton Secured Seal during the checkout process. The Site Seal can be a visible image of your dedication to PCI compliance, as an eCommerce website must authenticate their identities and encrypt online transaction traffic through their site to protect customer data.


seal-in-search-aboutsslWhen visitors surf online, they often find a long list of websites related to their search terms. Symantec Seal-in-Search feature is basically the seal marked, which puts the Norton Secured Seal next to the link in search results to show your website is trusted by Symantec and free to deal with as it is secured with Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate.

malware-scan-aboutsslMalware Scan

Get an additional benefit of daily malware scan with Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate which can help you to gain the trust of customers and ensure that they are in the safe environment. It will automatically alert you while finding any suspicious activity on your website.

web-browsers-aboutssl-orgCompatible with All Major Web Browsers

Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate is compatible with all modern web browsers, OS, and servers. Install your SSL certificate on your web server without any hesitations. All Symantec SSL products carry out 99.9% browser ubiquity.

List of Affordable Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate Providers

After going through the advantages of Symantec Secure Site, the next thing is for the cheapest SSL certificate providers. Don’t worry? We are here for you. Just compare the below Secure Site SSL providers and take your decision which one is cheaper for your website. Also, you want to know about Symantec SSL Certificate Authority Reviews here.

SSL Provider Name Price/Per Year Customer Ratings Read More
The SSL Store $274 4.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org Read More
RapidSSLonline $274 4-star-rating-aboutssl-org Read More
SSL Renewals
$274 4-star-rating-aboutssl-org Read More



Symantec Secure Site SSL provides a powerful website security solution which allows businesses and customers alike to safely navigate the internet with daily malware scanning, Norton Site Seal, and Seal-in-Search premium features. This certificate protects your website from phishing and ensures your consumers that their information is safe and helping to improve Click-through and business conversion. Hope this cheap SSL certificate providers of Symantec Secure Site SSL help you!!!