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6 Best & Cheapest SSL Certificate Providers in India 2018

Now Buy SSL Certificates from the Best SSL Certificate Providers in India

Gone are the days when one had to buy an SSL/TLS certificate from a foreign provider, pay in dollars and wait for their support team to reply in some other language. Now India, one of the upcoming nations in the tech world, has a plenty of great options when it comes to purchasing an SSL/TLS certificate.

Whether you like it or not, you must buy an SSL certificate if you want to stay away from the browser warnings as well as from the threat of hackers and fraudsters. But the entire SSL process, from the purchase to the installation can be really complicated if you don’t have the right support by your side. That’s why purchasing an SSL certificate from a local provider (India, in this case) gives you a much better option regarding support and payment.

Many site administrators have a big confusion when it comes to buying SSL certificates in India. Where to buy? How to buy SSL certificate in India? Well, don’t you worry one bit. We’re always here to help you out. Based on our extensive research on cheap SSL certificate providers, we’ve come up with this list of best SSL certificate providers in India.

So, here is our list of 6 cheap SSL certificate providers in India with our neutral take on it. What are you waiting for? Read our review and get your website SSL protected ASAP!
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CheapSSLSecurity.in – A Cheapest SSL Certificate Reseller in India

CheapSSLSecurity founded in 2012 offers a wide range of SSL/TLS Certificate with excellent discount rates from popular brands such as Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Comodo. CheapSSLsecurity.in specially launched for Indian users, offers you the benefits of 24/7 free technical support, 15-day money back guarantees on all its products.

If you’re thinking to secure your website with SSL/TLS Certificate, you’re in the right place. As the name implies, CheapSSLSecurity will give you the benefit of a discount on already cheap rates no matter which SSL/TLS Certificate you choose.

CheapSSLsecurity is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on the customer ratings and reviews at Shopper Approved.

Pros of CheapSSLsecurity

  • SSL at Cheap Price
  • Most Trusted Brands
  • 24/7/365 SSL Support via an Email, Ticket

Cons of CheapSSLsecurity

  • 15-Day Refund Policy
  • No Live Chat option

Top 3 Cheap SSL Certificates from CheapSSLSecurity India

Product NameIssuance TimeRefund PolicyUser RatingsRead More
Comodo Positive SSL CertificateImmediate15 Daysstar-ratingRead More
RapidSSL CertificateImmediate15 Daysstar-ratingRead More
Thawte SSL123 CertificateImmediate15 Daysstar-ratingRead More

TheSSLstore – The Biggest SSL Provider Is Now In India

If you ask anyone (ask Google if you want to) who knows a thing or two about the SSL industry, he/she will tell you that The SSL Store is one of the best and premium SSL certificate providers in the world. With their world-class support team, years of experience, and super competitive pricing, you hardly need to look somewhere else.

The SSL Store is one of the very few SSL providers to be the platinum partners with the leading certificate authorities (CAs) such as Symantec, Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, and Certum. Having conquered the US and other parts of the world, The SSL Store has now set their sights on India and has recently launched website only for Indian customers.

Their new website, TheSSLstore.in gives you a host of payment options in terms of Indian Rupees and support in local languages such as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Kannada. Based on our experiences and reviews, their customer support team is always ready to help you at every turn of the road and solve your problems. What else do you want?

Moreover, TheSSLstore.in provides your SSL certificates at ₹1/day!!
More than 8500+ satisfied customers have shared their reviews and rating about The SSL Store at Shopper Approved.

Pros of The SSL Store

  • A well-known SSL Reseller in SSL Industry
  • An Experienced SSL Experts Team
  • Anytime Support via Live Chat, Phone Call, Email, Ticket
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Take: One of The Best

World-class support in local languages, cheaper prices, and esteemed name in the industry – could it get any better than this? You don’t need to think twice when buying from TheSSLstore.in!

Top 3 SSL Certificates from TheSSLStore India

Product NameIssuance TimeRefund PolicyUser RatingsRead More
Comodo Positive SSL CertificateImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More
RapidSSL CertificateImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More
GeoTrust QuickSSL PremiumImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More

ComodoSSLstore – One of The Best When It Comes to Comodo Certificates

Without a shadow of a doubt, Comodo is the biggest certificate authority (CA) in the world. That is largely down to their competitive pricing. When it comes to pricing, Comodo beats everyone hands down.

If you buy an SSL certificate from Comodo SSL Store, you get the same certificates you get on Comodo’s official website, and that too at lower prices. Moreover, Comodo SSL Store gives you a ‘Price Match Guarantee.’

Their support team is on their toes 24/7/365, and you can contact them via Live Chat, Phone Call or an E-mail.

If you’re looking to buy a Comodo SSL certificate, you don’t need to look beyond Comodo SSL Store. Click here to read the reviews of Comodo SSL certificates by their customers as well as our SSL experts.

More than 7000+ satisfied customers have shared their reviews and rating about Comodo SSL Store at Shopper Approved.

Pros of Comodo SSL Store

  • A Platinum Partner of Comodo
  • Only Sell Comodo SSL Certificates
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • World-Class Customer Support
  • 30 Day Refund Policy

Best 3 SSL Certificates from ComodoSSLStore India

Product NameIssuance TimeRefund PolicyUser RatingsRead More
Comodo Positive SSLImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More
Comodo Essential SSL CertificateImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More
Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain – 2 SAN IncludedImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More

RapidSSLonline – A Reputed RapidSSL Certificate Provider


p style=”text-align: justify;”>If you want to buy an SSL certificate from Symantec’s group of certificate authorities (RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte), RapidSSLonline gives you a highly affordable option to buy from.

Whether you want a basic DV protection or the most advanced EV, whether you want to secure a single domain or a hundred domains, RapidSSLOnline.com/in has got everything you need.`


p style=”text-align: justify;”>More than 3200+ satisfied customers have shared their reviews and rating about RapidSSLonline at Shopper Approved.

RapidSSL is a CA mainly known for its affordable pricing policy. RapidSSL is a part of the reputed Syted Syted Symantec group. Whether you want top-level authentication or the basic one, you can get it from RapidSSL at highly affordable prices. Whether you want to contact them via chat or call, their SSL experts are always prepared to give you the best experience.

More than 4500+ satisfied customers have shared their reviews and rating about RapidSSLonline at Shopper Approved.

Pros of RapidSSLonline

  • Offers low-priced SSL certificates
  • Buy new or renew SSL at below wholesale prices
  • FREE Live Support
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

RapidSSLOnline India – Best 3 SSL Certificates

Product NameIssuance TimeRefund PolicyUser RatingsRead More
RapidSSL CertificateImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More
GeoTrust True BusinessID1-3 Days30 Daysstar-ratingRead More
RapidSSL Wildcard CertificateImmediate30 Daysstar-ratingRead More


SSL4Less offers you SSL/TLS certificates from certificate authorities such as Entrust, SuperFast, DigiCert, RapidSSL, Symantec, Comodo, and some other few noteworthy CAs. As far as the variety of certificates is concerned, SSL4less.in gives you a respectable number of options to choose from.

Although not many people are aware of SSL4less, they are certainly worth to have a look at. The pricing may seem a bit on a higher side compared to rest, but a good option nonetheless.

Popular SSL Certificates offered by SSL4Less

Product NameIssuance TimeTake Action
RapidSSL Certificate1 DayBUY NOW


Bigrock is a leading provider of services such as hosting and cloud services. They also offer SSL certificates for websites. However, you don’t get many options in terms of certificate authorities or certificate types.

Bigrock is a good option if you want their hosting or any other services. If you only want an SSL certificate, you may find the pricing a bit on a higher side compared to the rest.

Popular SSL Certificates offered by BigRock India

Product NameIssuance TimeTake Action
Comdoo SSL Certificate1 DayBUY NOW

Concluding Thoughts

We’ve tried to compile this list of Top 5 best and cheap SSL certificate providers in India based on our years of experience and expertise. All the SSL providers listed above offer you some of the best options regarding pricing, support, product range and reputation. So, go with the one that fits your needs and get your website encrypted!

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