How to Renew SSL Certificate?

Everything You Need to Know About Renewing SSL Certificate

SSL Renewal process is an integral part of the whole SSL process. Renewing SSL certificates before expiry date is very crucial from your website’s security point of view. However, the enterprises often tend to forget about renewing their SSL certificates.

How to Renew SSL Certificate

What Happens if you Forget to Renew SSL Certificate?

If you forget to renew your SSL certificate, then a warning message, “The site’s security certificate is expired” displayed on the user’s screen. The cyber criminals could take advantage of expired SSL certificate and may try to steal and tamper the information transmitting between the browser and server.

Needless to say, the customers can hardly trust you if they find the certificate to be expired. This could lead to a massive dent as far as your reputation on the web is concerned. If your website is an online business platform, you better start praying.


Where to Renew SSL Certificate?

As it happens most of the times, the website owners forget about renewing the SSL certificates. The SSL certificate providers are well aware of this fact and therefore they keep sending timely reminders to the certificate holders. So, keep checking your mail box to avoid any troubles.

Whether you have purchased SSL certificate(s) from a certificate authority (CA) or a reseller, you can contact and ask their support staff to get some discount.

How to Renew? – Renew SSL Certificate in 10 Easy Steps

The process of renewing SSL certificates is the same as purchasing a new one. Follow the below steps to renew your SSL certificate:

Note: If you have any troubles or questions regarding renewing your SSL certificate, you should contact your SSL provider to resolve such issues.