Where can I Find the Best Multi-Domain SSL Certificate?

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Cheap Multi Domain SSL Certificate for Multiple Domains & Sub-Domains

Do you have multiple domain names and want to have HTTPS for all? Then, a Multi-Domain SSL certificate is an ideal choice for you. After finding the right solution, the next thing is finding the right Multi-Domain SSL certificate. In this article, we will help you find the right Multi Domain SSL Certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority at an affordable cost.

Let’s take a look at below example of Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL certificate, which will help you understand “How Multi-Domain SSL Certificate secures Multiple Domains with a Single Certs.” This certificate is also called Unified Communications Certificate (UCC or UC Certificate).


Examples of Multi Domain SSL Certificates

  • www.yourcompany.com
  • yourcompany.net
  • yourcompany.biz
  • mail.yourcompany.net
  • secure.yourcompany.com

A Multi-Domain SSL certificate is a cost-effective solution for those business owners who need to secure their multiple domains with a single certificate. A customer can add any number of multiple domains and reissue it as many time he/she wants.

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Why to use Multi-Domain SSL Certificate?

A Multi-Domain SSL certificate is the most popular SSL certificate for multiple domain security. Let’s look at its advantages.

Validation Types – A Multi-Domain/SAN/UCC SSL can be issued using a Domain Validation (DV) SSL, Organization Validation (OV) SSL or highest assurance Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate. The customer gets the freedom to buy whichever type of certificate fits the bill for him/her.

Pay Less & Secure More – It is logical to secure multiple domains in one go as the Multi-Domain Certificates are affordable compared to the Single-Domain Certificates.

Multi-Domain Security – You can save your time and money by securing up to 250 multi-domains/applications with a single SSL certificate.

Flexible & Compatible – It is compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers. It comes with a strong encryption and keeps the unwanted browser warnings at bay.

Comodo Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate Review

Where to Buy Affordable Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate?

The SSL Store

Since its inception back in 2009, The SSL Store has climbed to the top of the ladder in this short span of time. As a result of the level of customer trust they represent, they have established themselves as Platinum Partners of some of the world’s biggest certificate authorities (CA’s) like Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, Certum, and Comodo. Adding to their reputation, they were the first enterprise worldwide to become a specialized business partner of Symantec. You get a massive range of products at highly affordable prices.

Product Name Price Take Action
Thawte SSL Web Server $86.50/year BUY NOW
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN $101.50/year BUY NOW
GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain $235.50/year BUY NOW
Symantec Secure Site $179/year BUY NOW
GeoTrust True BusinessID w/ EV Multi-Domain $323.50/year BUY NOW


Comodo SSL Store

They are the platinum partner of world’s largest certificate authority—Comodo. They are one of the most reputed SSL provider globally. There is no difference in the certificates available on Comodo’s official website and Comodo SSL Store’s website. Moreover, you get an amazing price match guarantee on their site. Under this scheme, if you find the same certificate at a lower rate somewhere else, they will offer you additional discount—they are that much sure of their competitive pricing. Comodo SSL Store provides colossal support to charities such as Abilities Foundation, Pinellas Homeless, Northeast Exchange Club (Rib Fest), Society of St. Vincent de Paul and Casa.

Product Name Price Take Action
Positive Multi-Domain SSL $20.99/year BUY NOW
Multi-Domain SSL $130.38/year BUY NOW
Unified Communication $130.38/year BUY NOW
Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL $130.38/year BUY NOW
PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain $144.04/year BUY NOW
EV Multi-Domain SSL $253.74/year BUY NOW



Based out of California and established in 2009, NameCheap is a renowned name in the web-hosting industry—their primary business. However, they have been an active player in the SSL industry as well. You can buy SSL certificates of Comodo only on their site. They claim to have around 3 million customers and more than 7 million domains under management.

Product Name Price Take Action
Comodo Multi Domain SSL $89.88/year BUY NOW
Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL $168.88/year BUY NOW



There is an interesting story how DigiCert was founded. Their founders were frustrated by irritating and slow SSL issuance process. As a result, they started selling SSL certificates.  This was back in 2003 and they claim themselves to be one of the fastest-growing web security corporation globally. The customers of DigiCert get the award-winning 5-star rated 24/7 support.

Product Name Price Take Action
DigiCert Multi-Domain SSL $269/year BUY NOW
DigiCert EV Multi-Domain $389/year BUY NOW



GlobalSign was founded a long way back in 1996. It is based out of Belgium and acts as a Certificate Authority (CA) itself. GlobalSign provides numerous services to their customers. Along with the SSL certificates, Identity and Access Management are key services provided by them. They offer very wide range of SSL products that comprises DV, OV, EV, Multi-Domain etc.

Product Name Price Take Action
Domain Multi SSL $249/year BUY NOW
Organization Multi SSL $349/year BUY NOW



SSL.com is a globally trusted platform for SSL certificates. Founded in 2002, SSL.com has expanded its horizons in over 120 countries. They provide a long list of SSL products which fit the need of any type of user. This list includes SSL certificates, code signing, document signing, and S/MIME email certificates. They also act as an associate member of the CAB Forum. SSL.com strongly emphasizes on providing the best customer support.

Product Name Price Take Action
Multi-domain UCC/SAN SSL $141.60/year BUY NOW



Is there anyone on the Internet who hasn’t heard GoDaddy? We don’t think so. They are mainly known for being the world’s biggest domain registrar. However, they are not far behind in the SSL market. They occupy around 7.5% of the world’s market share. From time to time, they give discounts by promoting promo codes on their site.

Product Name Price Take Action
Multi-domain SAN SSL $134.99/year BUY NOW



Entrust has been a leader in the identity-based digital information security market for nearly two decades. 5000 organizations of more than 85 countries are said to be using their services. A wide catalog of SSL certificates is provided by Entrust.

Product Name Price Take Action
Entrust Multi-Domain SSL $319/year BUY NOW
Entrust Multi-Domain EV SSL $416.00/year BUY NOW



Trustwave is a web security company that provides threat, vulnerability and compliance management services and technologies. Trustwave has around 3 million customers in 96 countries. As far as the SSL certificates are concerned, Trustwave itself is a certificate authority. Starting from the most basic to the most advanced—Trustwave offers it all.

Product Name Price Take Action
Trustwave UCC SAN SSL $289/year BUY NOW


The Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL certificate is an exclusive solution for the users looking to secure multiple domains at affordable prices. It also saves time as the user doesn’t have to go through the rigorous issuing process for each domain.