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Top 11 Best Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate Providers

Cheap & Globally Known Wildcard SSL Certificates for Securing Unlimited Sub-Domains

Nowadays, an SSL/TLS certificate is not an option or luxury of any popular website. It’s a necessity. If you don’t have it, get ready for the consequences.

But, the SSL/TLS certificate that you see on most of the websites are for only single main domains. If you’ve any sub-domains, then the new policy of Google and other popular tech giants demands SSL security for those sub-domains as well.

For securing sub-domains, a single SSL/TLS certificate won’t work. For that, you’ll need to have a Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate. Yes, SSL/TLS certificate providers offer a bunch of different types of certificates, and for securing sub-domains, another special SSL certificate Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate.

Like the standard SSL/TLS certificate, Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate will also help you avoid the “Not Secure” warning message, which will help build trust and gain the confidence of site visitors.


How to Find the Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Wildcard SSL certificate is provided by most of all the CA’s (Certificate Authorities) even if you’re a newbie who doesn’t have much idea about SSL/TLS certificate or else don’t know, which one to go with or else of which provider you should purchase. You’ll get plenty of options quickly.

Here, we’ve suggested the top 11 Wildcard SSL certificate from different providers famous for their services and low price throughout the world. Their certificate comes with the capability to secure your one main domain and unlimited sub-domains, which helps you avoid browser warning messages and gain customer confidence that you’re genuine.

List of Top 11 Cheap SSL/TLS Certificate Along With Its Providers

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard

Do you own a website that has multiple sub-domains? If yes, Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard can help you secure your one main domain with all the sub-domains.

Comodo is one of the trusted giants of the industry that has been in the SSL business for many years. You’ll get guaranteed benefits on price and services. Its certificate comes equipped with all the latest security features and benefits at a cost-effective price.

Designed for offering encrypted sessions on your websites., Comodo PositiveSSL wildcard is trusted by more than 99.9% of internet users. Lastly, Comodo also offers a warranty amount of $50,000.


Best Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
Comodo SSL Store$72.3130 DaysLearn More
ChepSSLSecurity$52.9515 DaysLearn More
TheSSLStore$119.2030 DaysLearn More
SSLRenewals$116.8230 DaysLearn More
Namecheap$66.8815 DaysLearn More
SSLs.com$74.8890 DaysLearn More

RapidSSL Wildcard

RapidSSL Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate, often called as RapidSSL Wildcard DV is one of the cost-effective certificates that secure one domain and an unlimited number of sub-domains related to it.

RapidSSL® is one of the leading SSL providers who are specialized in dealing with standard SSL/TLS certificate, which includes Standard DV SSL and this one Standard Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate. If you’ve any small website that deals with multiple sub-domains, this RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificate is the best choice.

It comes equipped with all the SSL features, making your site trustworthy in browsers and site visitor’s eyes. And it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you want to cancel the order, you can do so and even warranty amount up to $10,000, if anything goes wrong.


Best RapidSSL Wildcard Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearSaveRefund Policy
RapidSSLonline$118.3630 DaysLearn More
TheSLStore$13030 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$71.3115 DaysLearn More
SSLRenewals$118.3630 DaysLearn More

Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard

Like positive, EssentialSSL Wildcard is another cost-effective Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate that comes equipped with all the latest security features. EssentialSSL Wildcard from Comodo is a necessary Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate that comes with up to 256-bit encryption. If you’ve got a low-volume e-commerce website or looking to secure other low-volume sites and the multiple sub-domains, this certificate will be useful.

Trusted by all the major web browsers like Google Chrome, it’ll help gain your site visitor’s trust and confidence, which means increased revenue. Also, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can get your refund back after canceling the order.


Best Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
Comodo SSL Store$77.6230 DaysLearn More
TheSSLStore$79.6330 DaysLearn More
SSLRenewals$76.8330 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$65.0315 DaysLearn More
Namecheap$78.8815 DaysLearn More

Sectigo Wildcard SSL

Previously called Comodo, Sectigo is one of the trusted names of the industry. If you’re looking to secure your domain with its sub-domains and want to provide trust and confidence to site visitors, the Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificate is the best choice.

Similar to other certificate authorities, Sectigo Wildcard SSL Certificate is a widely deployed and trusted certificate, which is used by many organizations that have the infrastructure that heavily depends upon sub-domains.

This Sectigo Wildcard SSL certificate backs with generous best-in-industry warranties and a 30-day money-back guarantee along with highly recognized Sectigo Secure Site seal and latest security features.


Cheap Sectigo Wildcard SSL Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
Sectigo SSL Store$199.2030 DaysLearn More
TheSSLstore$159.2030 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$139.5515 DaysLearn More

DigiCert Wildcard SSL

DigiCert is one of the leading brands that deals with high-level SSL/TLS certificates. If you’re a well-developed organization that heavily relies on a website and has multiple sub-domains to handle, DigiCert Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate can be a perfect choice.

DigiCert, the trusted and most respected brand of the industry, offers cutting-edge cryptography that will help you secure your sub-domains automatically without any hassle. It comes with DigiCert Secure Trust Seal that provides instant recognition of being security Bonafede along with $1,000,000 NetSure™ and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Cheap DigiCert Wildcard SSL Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
TheSSLstore$56030 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$537.515 DaysLearn More
RapidSSLonline$56030 DaysLearn More

Thawte Wildcard SSL

Thawte Wildcard SSL, also called Thawte SSL Webserver OV Wildcard, is an excellent choice for those organizations that want to secure their main domain with multiple sub-domains. Thawte is the respected name of the SSL industry, which comes with reputable certificate features. It offers a dynamic site seal, 99.9% browser, and mobile recognition, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and warranty amount.

It’s a cost-effective and comprehensive SSL certificate, which is e perfect choice for medium to large companies or businesses that place the highest stock in customer assurance.


Best Thawte Wildcard SSL Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
CheapSSLsecurity$226.6915 DaysLearn More
TheSSLstore$34930 DaysLearn More
RapidSSLonline$323.4630 DaysLearn More

Symantec Wildcard SSL

Symantec Wildcard SSL, also popular by Symantec Secure Site Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate, is the flexible and ultra-fast SSL/TLS certificate that helps to encrypt the primary domain and limitless subdomains. It’s one of the convenient solutions that allows SSL encryption to be activated on an unlimited number of sub-domains with one single main domain.

Similar to other respected brands, now acquired by DigiCert, Symantec also provides the latest security features along with the warranty. And other things like a 30-day money-back guarantee make it one of the trustworthy SSL certificates to secure the organization’s website that has to deal with multiple sub-domains along with the main domain itself.


Top Symantec Wildcard SSL Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
TheSSLstore$1661.5030 DaysLearn More
RapidSSLonline$1579.2130 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$1421.0615 DaysLearn More
SSLRenewals$1579.2130 DaysLearn More

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard

Often called GeoTrust Standard DV is a Domain Validated Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate, which can be issued instantly like any other standard SSL/TLS certificates. If you’ve got an information-based website along with multiple sub-domains that don’t deal with any user’s sensitive information, then this GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard will be one of the best options to go with.

Like other top SSL brands, GeoTrust is also well respected among the industry that comes with a fully automated provisioning process, dynamic site seal, warranty period, and 30-day money-back guarantee.


Top GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
RapidSSLonline$216.0530 DaysLearn More
TheSSLstore$244.1330 DaysLearn More
SSLRenewals$216.0530 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$145.4415 DaysLearn More

Comodo SSL Wildcard

Are you looking for a cost-effective yet branded SSL certificate that can secure your domain and multiple sub-domains? If yes, then no need to go for high brands that charge a hefty amount that doesn’t fit your requirement.

Here, with one of the top-notch brands Comodo, you can get the same. Comodo SSL Wildcard certificate comes with all the needed features that help in securing the main domain along with multiple sub-domains and that also at a low price.


Top Comodo SSL Wildcard Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
Comodo SSL Store$156.0230 DaysLearn More
TheSSLStore$159.2030 DaysLearn More
SSLRenewals$156.0230 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$139.5515 DaysLearn More

Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL

Are you an organization with a business website that has many sub-domains? An authenticated level Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL certificate will be the right choice to deal with such organizational websites. It’s a perfect choice for organizations with intranets, business websites. Also, being an OV Wildcard SSL certificate from Sectigo, it’s cost-effective compared to other top-ranking certificate authorities.

Capable of ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography), this Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL certificate comes with an unlimited re-issuance policy, unlimited server licenses, 30-day money-back guarantee, popular site seal, and so on.


Cheap Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL Providers

SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
Sectigo SSL Store$399.2030 DaysLearn More
TheSSLstore$249.1730 DaysLearn More
CheapSSLsecurity$249.1715 DaysLearn More

SSL.com Wildcard SSL Certificate

Founded earlier in 2002, SSL.com is one of the globally recognized CA (Certificate Authority) trusted by organizations located in more than 180 countries for trusted SSL/TLS certificates and managed PKI solutions.

Like other branded CAs, SSL.com also provides different security certificates, including Wildcard SSL certificates, with simplified certificate management to secure one main domain and unlimited sub-domains.

Features offered by SSL.com Wildcard SSL certificates that make them equal to any other globally popular CA are like up to $1,250,000 warranty amount if a company loses money due to a fraudulent happened due to the mistake of SSL.com’s installation process. Unlimited server licensing & re-issuance, key pairs, and 99% browser compatibility.

sslcom logo
SSL ProvidersPrice Per YearRefund Policy
SSL.com Wildcard SSL$224.2530 DaysLearn More

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificates

What if I don’t have a sub-domain yet, but have plans to add it later?

Well, you can add as many sub-domains as you want to as long as the certificate isn’t expired.

What if I want to switch my server in future?

You don’t need to worry about that either. Most of the Wildcard SSL certificates feature unlimited server licensing. It means that you can add a server or add multiple servers whenever you want to.

Are Wildcard certificates SAN compatible?

Unfortunately, they’re not. Wildcard SSL certificates only secure sub-domains, not SANs. If you want SANs, you must get a Multi-Domain SSL certificate.

What if I want to secure multiple domains as well as sub-domains?

If you want to secure multiple domains along with sub-domains, you must install a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificates.

Can a Wildcard SSL certificate secure a second-level sub-domain?

Yes, it can. But then you won’t be able to secure your first-level sub-domain. Simply put, a Wildcard SSL certificate can secure sub-domains of a single level sub-domain only. For example,

  • *.secure.example.com
  • *.blog.exmaple.com

What is the difference between a Wildcard SSL certificate and Multi-Domain SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard certificate secures sub-domain, whereas a Multi-Domain certificate secures multiple domains as well as sub-domains. Click here to learn more about the difference.

What is double subdomain wildcard ssl?

In the SSL industry, there’s nothing like Subdomain wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate, nor there’s any Certificate Authority who offers a double subdomain wildcard SSL/TLS certificate to anyone. Though, if you’ve multiple domains with their unlimited sub-domains, then it’s recommended to go with the Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate.

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