Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Digital Certificate

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An Extended Validation or EV Code Signing Certificate – The Next Generation Software Code Security

An Extended Validation or EV Code Signing is designed for developers and publishers to secure their software and web application codes, contents, scripts and other digital objects from unwanted third party malware attacks. Having software signed by this next generation EV Code Signing security establishes trust and gives confidence to the clients. The SmartScreen® Application Reputation technology reduces warning messages in Windows® and Internet Explorer.

An EV Code Signing certificate requires a strict validation and authentication process which is on the same lines as an EV SSL certificate. The developers and software publishers have to prove their identity during the validation process. Additionally, an EV Code Signing features two-factor authentication. This ensures that the certificate goes in the right hands only.

What is Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Filter?

The programs signed by an EV Code Signing can establish reputation with the Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Filter. The SmartScreen® Filter uses information about the application and warns the users if the application isn’t well known or malicious. If the application is signed by EV Code Signing Certificate, there will be no such warnings.

SmartScreen clearly indicates if the publisher is unknown.

In IE8, SmartScreen produces a red warning bar for any new application, regardless of the publisher.


For applications protected with a traditional code signing certificate, IE9 issues a yellow bar indicatingthat the app is “signed and known,”. Thus, helping users understand that the publisher is a trusted entity.


If an application is signed with an EV Code Signing Certificate and contains no malware, IE9 grants that application immediate permission and no warning is displayed.

Who offers an EV Code Signing Certificate?

Top most EV Code Signing certificate providers are:


Features & Benefits of an EV Code Signing Certificate

  • Highest Level of Extended Validation authentication
  • Strict validation process
  • Robust encryption
  • Helps establish reputation with Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Filter
  • Required for user-mode and kernel-mode drivers on Windows 10
  • SHA-256 algorithm, compliant with Microsoft’s SHA-1 deprecation plan
  • Hardware token and PIN to protect your keys
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Company address and organization type displayed in the certificate
  • Compatible with major platforms (Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Mac OS, Mozilla)
  • Support for Hardware Security Modules (HSM)
  • Free 24/7 technical support

Let’s Compare an EV Code Signing Certificates from SSL Certificate Authorities:

Brand symantec-logo ca-digicert ca-globalsign
Certificate Authority (CA) SYMANTEC™ DigiCert GlobalSign
SSL Certificate EV Code Signing Certificate EV Code Signing Certificate EV Code Signing Certificate
CA Rating

Symantec Reviews

DigiCert Reviews

GlobalSign Reviews

Pricing for 1 Year $699 $449 $410
Pricing for 2 Years $609.50/Yr $399/Yr $380/Yr
As Low As $579.67/Yr $331/Yr $316/Yr
Issuance Speed 1-10 business days 1-10 business days 1-10 business days
Validation Required Extended Validation of Organization Extended Validation of Organization Extended Validation of Organization
Immediate Reputation with Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Filter Yes Yes Yes
Two-factor Authentication Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Authenticode® Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Kernel-Mode Code Signing Yes Yes Yes
Adobe® AIR® Yes Yes Yes
Java® Yes Yes Yes
Mozilla® Objects Yes Yes Yes
Other major platforms Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited, free re-keying for the certificate lifetime Yes Yes Yes
Support Options Yes Yes Yes
Refund Policy 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Certificate Authority Review Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
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