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Cheapest Code Signing Certificates and Top Providers

Cheap Code Signing Certificates: Prevent Software from “Unknown Publisher” Warning

These days the world is driven by technology. From many big to small tasks are done using computers. Software usage is quite a norm, and if the person who’s not aware of the computer even finds it hard to get a regular 9 to 5 job.

Furthermore, as the technology is developing, the rate of cyber-attacks is also getting higher, and fortunately, people are also getting aware of it. So, they’ve also started taking precautions to prevent themselves from such attacks. And, even a slight warning message can create a doubt in user’s minds, even if it’s not critical—for instance, the “Unknown Publisher” warning message when someone tries to install any software.

Yes, in this article, we’ll discuss what this warning message means, and if you’re a software developer, then why you must care about it and how to prevent it, to assure users trust and confidence.

cheap code signing certificates

Here Are the Best Code Signing Certificates You Should Go for

Finding a cheap code signing certificate is not an easy task. However, here we’ve listed four different code signing certificates from respected CAs known for their latest encryption standard and security features.

  • DigiCert Code Signing Certificate
  • Comodo Code Signing Certificate
  • Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

Are you an organization who’s looking to sign their software with a trusted code signing certificate, then look no further. DigiCert Code Signing Certificate is one of the premium code signing certificates offered by the industry’s biggest name DigiCert.

The DigiCert Code Signing certificate comes with the ability to enable developers to sign their apps and software digitally, so users can know that software is coming from a trusted source. And, it hasn’t tampered since its signing.

Apart from that, supported by multiple platforms such as Microsoft Authenticode, Adobe AIR files, is the perfect certificate for medium to big scale organizations for which user trust is one of the essential factors.


Cheap DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

SSL Providers Coupon Code Price Per Year Refund Policy  
CodeSigningStore AboutSSL10 $337.20/Yr 30 Days Learn More
TheSSLstore $567.59/Yr 30 Days Learn More
RapidSSLonline $583.33/Yr 30 Days Learn More

Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo CA, a subsidiary of Sectigo, is a globally respected leader in digital web security solutions. For more than two decades, trusted by global enterprises, Comodo is one of the biggest providers of digital identity solutions for small to big-sized business organizations. It’s one of the largest CAs of the globe that has sold 100M+ SSL certificates and other web security products, and one also includes Comodo Code Signing Certificate.

For the software developers who are looking for a quick and cost-effective code signing certificate to sign their software, then this Code Signing certificate offered by Comodo CA is one of the best choices to go with. Comodo Code Signing is a popular code signing certificate that helps create a sense of confidence. For instance, the software user downloads are verified by the authorized entity, and it hasn’t been tampered with since its signing. Lastly, some of the benefits offered by it are seamless integration with the latest industry technology, the capability to sign both 32 and 64-bit executable while assuring and boosting user confidence.


Cheapest Comodo Code Signing Certificate

SSL Providers Coupon Code Price Per Year Refund Policy  
CodeSigningStore AboutSSL10 $190.32/Yr 30 Days Learn More
ComodoSSLstore $219.45/Yr 30 Days Learn More
TheSSLStore $226.10/Yr 30 Days Learn More

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Cybercrimes are rising day by day. The Internet is not a trustworthy place as it used to be, and downloading any software or even a small file can prove disastrous for anyone. Nowadays, the proof is needed, and even browsers take actions on such things. For instance, if you try downloading any software that’s not signed using a code signing certificate from a trusted CA, it’ll show browser warning whenever someone tries downloading. Furthermore, if someone tries installing such software, they’ll even be informed through the operating system, such as software is from an unknown publisher.

For overcoming such issues, one of the budget-oriented code signing certificates is offered by globally respected CA Sectigo. Sectigo Code Signing certificate is among the trustworthy signing certificates of the industry that many developers use worldwide. It’s the trusted certificate used by small to big organizations for avoiding conversion-killing warning messages that are shown by browsers while assuring that the software publisher is genuine, and it has gone through the verification process as proof.


Best Sectigo Code Signing Certificate 

SSL Providers Coupon Code Price Per Year Refund Policy  
CodeSigningStore AboutSSL10 $190.32/Yr 30 Days Learn More
SectigoStore $219.45/Yr 30 Days Learn More
TheSSLStore $226.10/Yr 30 Days Learn More

Code Signing Certificate from CheapSSLsecurity, one of the providers of wide range of SSL/TLS certificate, also offers the option of Code Signing Certificate. Here, it provides some of the cheapest price range for all the same branded Code Signing Certificates like Thawte, Comodo or DigiCert but in a discounted price range which makes it quite affordable for the user. Lastly, you will also be able to take the benefit of free 24/7 support.

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What Does “Unknown Publisher” Warning Message Means?

If any software developer develops and publishes software without signing it, then this “Unknown Publisher” warning message occurs to a user who tries installing it. In other words, the operating system shows this warning message to inform users that the software they’re about to install is not verified, and they don’t know who’s the developer. It can mean someone might have tampered with the software, or else it might have been developed with the ill intention that can harm users.

unknown publisher warning message

How to Prevent “Unknown Publisher” Warning Message

For preventing warning messages like “Unknown Publisher,” there’s only one way, and it’s to sign it using a code signing certificate provided by globally respected code signing certificate providers.

Furthermore, the software developer has to get a code signing certificate issued, and for that, they’ve to go through the vetting process according to the policy of CAs. In the vetting process of CA, business organization information like registration details is verified. Once it’s completed, the code signing certificate is issued, which can be used to sign software.

Concluding thoughts

If you are one of those geeks for whom writing codes is the work of every day, cheap Code Signing certificates are for you. If you have your own business or work in one, and want to protect your codes and software, code signing is for you.

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