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Top 7 Domain Validated SSL/TLS Certificate for Small Websites

Affordable DV SSL/TLS Certificate From Globally Known CAs for Small Websites

In today’s date, running a website for even a small thing is quite common. Whether you’re running a business and want to put on company information online so that people can know about your business and service or product it provides or else you’re simply a hobbyist who wants to blog about something.

However, building a website and leaving it as it’s was something of a past. In today’s date, security is also an equivalent term in realms of the online world and websites, and an SSL/TLS certificate helps in that area.

Yes, cyber threats are so prevalent that even people with little to no knowledge about cybersecurity are aware that online security threats aren’t taken lightly. The tech giants who operate popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox have also created their policy of having an SSL/TLS certificate or face the consequence of the “Not Secure” warning.

So, if you’ve got a small website that doesn’t take any sensitive information from the users and only provides specific information, you also have to have an SSL certificate. However, the type of SSL will be relatively cheaper and more affordable than those dealing with financial details and other sensitive ones.

You’ll require to install a Domain Validated SSL/TLS Certificate. And the good thing about the DV SSL certificate is that it can be issued within minutes. So, you won’t have to deal with any long process.

However, many people who don’t deal with this industry don’t know where to look for. From whom to purchase and many other tons of things. If you’ve got to know that DV SSL/TLS certificate will be needed for your website but don’t have an idea from whom to purchase, don’t worry. Here, we’ve list of seven best SSL/TLS certificates of different providers, which you can look upon.

Here’s #7 Domain Validated SSL/TLS Certificate for Securing Your Small Websites

Below is the list of seven cheap DV SSL Certificate from the globally respected Certificate Authorities that are trusted by millions::

  • Comodo PositiveSSL
  • Sectigo PositiveSSL
  • RapidSSL Certificate
  • Comodo EssentialSSL
  • Sectigo EssentialSSL
  • Thawte SSL123 Certificate
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate
Let’s look into some details. So, you can decide which one you should purchase according to your need.

1. Comodo PositiveSSL

Comodo is the trusted and popular name of the SSL industry known for its ultra-cheap affordable price and excellent quality SSL certificates of various types. The Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is the wildly popular certificate, mainly due to the affordable price they offer.

Someone with a small website that doesn’t deal with confidential details such as credit card numbers or bank details and offers only information such as blog website, then Comodo PositiveSSL is a considerable certificate.

This cheap DV SSL certificate offers the industry’s best encryption at an affordable price range. It comes backed by the Comodo brand, $50,000 warranty amount, and static Comodo Site seal. Furthermore, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and comes equipped with all the latest security, such as 256-bit encryption standards.


2. Sectigo PositiveSSL

Sectigo PositiveSSL is a cheap DV SSL from the known brand Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo). It’s a perfect choice for those looking to secure their low budget small website and prevent it from “Not Secure” warning message.

If you have a website that doesn’t deal with confidential information and provide information such as blog or articles, then Sectigo PositiveSSL is something you can consider. Other than that, like any other DV SSL certificate, it gets issued within minutes and comes with a trusted site seal, latest encryption standard, 30-day money-back guarantee, and much more.


3. RapidSSL Certificate

RapidSSL, the known name of the SSL industry, specializes in providing only domain validated SSL certificates, namely, wildcard and another standard DV SSL certificate. For those looking for cheap domain validated SSL certificate and don’t want to move forward in online business. For example, creating a website that deals with confidential data like credit card details, then a RapidSSL certificate is something that must be looked at.

Other than that, it also comes with all the security features like the latest encryption standards, static site seal, 30-day money-back guarantee, $10,000 warranty amount, and so no.


4. Comodo Essential SSL

Essential SSL is another cost-effective domain validated SSL/TLS certificate by Comodo. Like other cheap DV SSL certificates, it also comes equipped with all the latest encryption standards, security features, and 99%+ browser compatibility.

However, if you’re looking to purchase from Comodo, we would personally recommend going with PositiveSSL instead of this one as that comes with more warranty amount at less price. And, being domain validated, both operate in the same manner and get issued within minutes.


5. Sectigo Essential SSL

Sectigo (formerly known as Comodo) offers this Sectigo Essential SSL certificate that helps to deliver all the SMBs essentials. It’s a domain validated SSL certificate that comes with industry-standard encryption like 256-bit encryption strength and 2048-bit signature key along with ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) compatibility.

Apart from this, it’s also a cheap DV SSL certificate with all the security features, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a $10,000 warranty amount with a static site seal of Sectigo.


6. Thawte SSL123 Certificate

Thawte, powered by DigiCert, is one of the respected brands of the SSL Certificate industry. Like other CA’s it comes with a wide range of SSL/TLS certificates for different types of websites, and one such is Thawte SSL123 SSL/TLS certificate, which is a domain validated. It’s an ideal solution for websites that don’t have any workaround with confidential information such as organization data or banking details of the customers.

It’s the combination of trust, speed, and security that helps secure your website from unwanted warning messages like “Not Secure” shown by popular web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s the rare and cost-effective domain validated certificate that comes with a dynamic site seal, and $500,000 warranty amount and 30-day money-back guarantee.


7. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate is a cost-effective SSL certificate from a globally known certificate authority that helps secure one fully qualified domain name with 256-bit strong encryption.

Like other domain validated SSL certificates, it gets issued within minutes, and it’s an ideal solution any website that doesn’t’ deal with sensitive information like online banking or credit cards. It provides a dynamic site seal, 30-day money-back guarantee, and it’s also backed with up to $500,000 warranty amount.


Cheap DV SSL Certificates: Pricing, Issuance Time & Warranty

Product Name Price Per Year Issued Within Warranty
Comodo PositiveSSL $7.02 $245 Minutes $50,000 Learn More
Sectigo PositiveSSL $8.78 $249.75 Immediate $50,000 Learn More
RapidSSL Certificate $12.42 $276 Immediate $10,000 Learn More
Comodo EssentialSSL $21.95 $399.75 Within Minutes $10,000 Learn More
Sectigo EssentialSSL $23.84 $399.75 Minutes $10,000 Learn More
Thawte SSL123 Certificate $47 $259 Immediate $500,000 Learn More
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate $36.52 $596 Minutes $500,000 Learn More
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