Citrix SSL Certificates

citrix-logoCitrix’s Access Gateway and Netscaler network solutions is the globalized web platform which offers an incredible way to connect organization’s applications and information from anywhere on the planet. It offers the center access to administrators to manage and control applications on the center point of access globally. Citrix’s Access Gateway and Netscaler network solutions is crucial software to large scale online organization who put establish their daily connection not from the single spot but global on the planet.

It’s more important to have secure access while accessing data or application through Citrix from the organization and the aspect is possible through secure SSL certificate. And it’s highly recommend to have SSL certificate on the server from the most trusted Certificate Authority (CA) which enables 100% secure connection while using data through Citrix’s Access Gateway.

Let’s explore the right type of SSL certificate which suits to secure communication on the server through Citrix’s Access Gateway.

EV SSL Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) SSL is the advance version of SSL certificate which includes the additional layer of security to protect users trust and confidence over the website. It’s highly recommended version for wide-scale online organization who used to make broad transaction on the Internet.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Easy and quick solution to broad-scale online organization to valid their daily transaction such as e-commerce websites. It comes with the ability of unlimited sub domains security on the unlimited servers.

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