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Comodo PositiveSSL EV SSL Certificate Review

AboutSSL brings you the review of Comodo’s newest EV product in the market

PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate is an extended validation (EV) SSL product offered by the largest certificate authority in the world, Comodo. Comodo has come a long way from being one of the game-players to being the game-changer. The PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate is a wonderful addition to Comodo’s impressive range of products. As it is the case with all the Comodo’s products, it offers excellent features at an exceptional price.

What’s in the box?

The PositiveSSL EV certificate has got many strings to its bow. With the PositiveSSL EV, you not only get the peak level security but you also get the trust of the Comodo brand. All the features offered along with PositiveSSL EV certificate are explained below.

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Highest Assurance

As the name suggests, the PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate is an extended validation (EV) type of SSL certificate. Therefore, it involves the highest level of authentication. Before issuing an EV SSL certificate, Comodo conducts an in-detailed and stringent vetting process.

Visual Indicators including the Verified Company Name

Having installed the Comodo PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate, it enables many visual indicators on a website. Firstly, the website will be successfully migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. Secondly, you will notice that the address bar has been turned green having installed the Comodo PositiveSSL EV SSL. Displaying the organization name in the URL plays a very crucial role in building customer trust and enhancing his/her experience on the website. Having these indicators significantly contributes to the revenues of online businesses.

Strong 256-bit encryption

256-bit-encryption-aboutsslAs you already know, the SSL certificate protects all the delicate information using the encryption method. Therefore, the stronger the level of encryption, the stronger fortification you get. Comodo PositiveSSL EV SSL Certificate comes with muscular 256-bit encryption. Cracking this 256-bit encryption is almost an impossible task for supercomputers let alone the hackers. It has been found that it will take billions of years cracking the 256-bit encryption using thousands of supercomputers.

99.9+% Browser Compatibility

web-browsers-aboutsslYou don’t want an SSL certificate that is not recognized by the browsers, do you? Don’t worry—PositiveSSL EV has got it covered for you. The PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate is perceived by all the leading desktop as well as mobile browsers. PositiveSSL EV has 99.9+% compatibility in that regards.

Dynamic Seal

comodo_secure_sealThe site seals are small images indicating users that a secure connection is in places between their browser and client’s web server. There are many types of SSL certificates available but fundamentally, they can be divided into two categories, namely static site seals and dynamic site seals. The Comodo Positive EV SSL certificate comes with a dynamic site seal. When it comes to online businesses, trust is the first thing that matters. The dynamic site seals are found to be more effective as far as customer trust is concerned.

Strict Validation Process

As it is the case with all the extended validation (EV) SSL certificates, the validation process of PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate is designed to be a very precise so that the certificate is not misused. It is a very thorough process which involves validation of domain ownership as well as the legitimacy of the organization/business. The domain/business owner must submit business documents to Comodo. Click here to know all the documents required for issuing an EV SSL certificate. The validation process usually takes 1-5 days.

How does a PositiveSSL EV look like on a website?

how ev ssl shows website in browser

Top Providers of PositiveSSL EV SSL Certificate

SSL Providers Price/Year More Info
Comodo CA $198 More Info
Comodo SSL Store $72.18 More Info
The SSL Store $75.24 More Info
Cheap SSL Security $69.85 More Info
SSL Renewals $73.74 More Info
Last Word from our side

Comodo PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate is a groundbreaking extended validation (EV) SSL product as it holds the highest level of authentication at an unbelievable price. Gone are the days when extended validation products were adopted by big corporations. The affordability of the extended validation (EV) certificates has made them accessible to all and we are sure PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate will have a big part to play in that regards. Looking at its price along with its attributes, we strongly recommend shielding your website with PositiveSSL EV SSL certificate.

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