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Comodo SSL Store Review: Read What Our Experts have to Say

Let’s Review and Know Whether you Should Buy from Them or Not

ComodoSSLstore, a platinum partner of Comodo, is one of the largest provider of SSL certificates globally. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, with offices in Turkey and India, ComodoSSLstore is a part of Rapid Web Services, LLC. Rapid Web Services is a Titanium Member of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce (Top 10 Chambers of Commerce in the USA). Their CEO, John Tuncer serves as the Vice Chairman of the board.

As one of the leading providers of SSL certs, Comodo SSL Store is known for its remarkable pricing policy, and unparalleled customer service. Let’s have a look at Comodo SSL Store review and see whether you should purchase from them or not.



Before buying anything, you look for a seller that has earned a good name for itself. With ComodoSSLstore, you don’t need to worry about this aspect. As we mentioned earlier, they are the Platinum Partner of Comodo, the largest certificate authority (CA) in the world. You don’t get to earn that status without having an exceptional record, and Comodo SSL Store has that.

Why Choose Comodo SSL Store?

Today’s savvy customers don’t just look for good products; they look for satisfying experience from all fronts. Let’s review how ComodoSSLstore fares in all departments.


The very first thing that matters to you is the pricing. We understand that you don’t want to dig out your savings just to get your website encrypted. Well, don’t worry about that. As a Platinum Partner, Comodo SSL Store buys SSL certificates in bulk and passes on those savings to you, the customers. Therefore, you get the exact same certificate for much less price.

Service & Support

The second most important thing that matters to any customer is customer service. Based on the experience of us as well as our customers, ComodoSSLstore provides an excellent service to their customers. We found that their support team is friendly, and is technically efficient. Comodo SSL Store provides three-way 24/7 support by virtue of e-mail, chat, and phone call.

Price Match Guarantee

Comodo SSL Store just doesn’t boast about providing SSL certificates at lowest prices, they guarantee it. Yes, they do. Under this guarantee, if you find a certificate at a price that’s lower than on, they will give you a coupon code to further decrease the cost, and you’ll have your certificate at a discounted price.

30 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Another feature that grabbed our attention is their 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee. It means that if you buy a digital certificate from their site, and for whatever reason aren’t satisfied or want your money back, they have a 30-day window for you. Indeed, an excellent feature to have.


Anyone who wants to buy and install an SSL certificate will want to wrap up the process as soon as possible. For that, you need a certificate provider that has a streamlined process and helps you guide along the way. ComodoSSLstore scores well here as well. Whether you want to complete the purchase & validation or want to install SSL on your server, you won’t be disappointed.

ComodoSSLstore Reviews & Ratings from ShopperApproved

We have been following plenty of SSL providers, and Comodo SSL Store is one of them. We have tried to analyze and review Comodo SSL Store from every angle, and we can say that we’re more than happy with them.

Here’s the reviews & ratings of ComodoSSLstore from

SSL Certificates Offered by Comodo SSL Store

There are three different validation levels associated with SSL certificates, which are:
  • Domain Validation (DV)
  • Organization Validation (OV)
  • Extended Validation (EV)
There are four different types of SSL certificates when it comes to functionality:
  • Single Domain SSL Certificates
  • Multi-Domain/SAN SSL Certificates
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • Multi-Domain/SAN Wildcard SSL Certificates
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