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Comodo vs GoDaddy SSL Certificates – What’s the Difference?

Usage Statistics & Comparison Between Comodo vs GoDaddy SSL

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of queries regarding ‘Comodo vs GoDaddy’ and which SSL certificate to get. Well, it’s your website, your money, your needs, and your call. We, being a knowledge platform cannot take sides here. However, what we can do is give you a better understanding of these two popular certificate authorities, products they offer, and whether they’re the right fit for you or not.

Let’s start with Comodo.

Comodo: World’s Leading Certificate Authority

Founded in 1998, Comodo has today become the first name on the lips when it comes to SSL certificates. Comodo is the largest paid certificate authority on the planet. Two things are setting Comodo apart from the rest – price and options.

No certificate authority in the world can offer as many options as Comodo and that too at such low prices. Whether you’re an individual blogger living a wandering life or work for a multi-billion-dollar organization; Comodo has certificates for every customer segment.

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Pros of Comodo SSL:

Cheapest SSL certificates

One of the major reasons why Comodo has been dominating the SSL industry has been its great pricing. Almost no one can compete with Comodo as far as pricing is concerned. Comodo disrupted the entire market by introducing a super-affordable range of SSL certificates and has never disappointed ever since.

A wide range of products

  • Are you an independent blogger who wants a cheap no-frills SSL on your site? PositiveSSL is for you.
  • Are you an organization wanting instant protection with organization validation? Instant SSL is for you.
  • Are you a business wanting just basic encryption to encrypt it all? Essential SSL is for you.
  • Are you an enterprise that wants to secure internal domains and IPs or public-facing domains? Enterprise SSL is for you.
  • No matter which segment of customers you belong to, Comodo has a product for you. No other CA can claim to give as many options as Comodo.

Dedicated SSL expert support

Although Comodo provides a variety of web security solutions, SSL/TLS business is at the center of it. That’s why you get constant support from experts who have spent years in this domain. Such expert support is hard to find, primarily for an SSL/TLS Certificates.

Cons of Comodo SSL:

You have to purchase separately from your hosting and domain name

As you know, Comodo is not a hosting provider. That’s why you need to purchase SSL certificate outside of your hosting provider and then will have to integrate it with your website. This is not a massive disadvantage as the process is pretty straightforward and with Comodo’s support, you can do it pretty quickly.

Comodo SSL Customers Reviews & Ratings


Product Range



Refund Policy


Comodo’s Top Most SSL Products Recommended by SSL Security Expert’s

Product Name Validation Type Price Per Year<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>
Read More
Positive SSL DV SSL $7.27/year Read More
InstantSSL OV SSL $28.44/year Read More
Comodo PositiveSSL EV EV SSL $74.99/year Read More
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Multi-Domain SSL $19.49/year Read More
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Wildcard SSL $72.31/year Read More
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Multi-Domain + Wildcard $267.31/year Read More
Comodo Code Signing Code Signing $190.32/year Read More
Comodo EV Code Signing EV + Code Signing $249.94/year Read More
Enterprise SSL OV SSL $242.94/year Read More

GoDaddy CA

If you haven’t heard of GoDaddy, you’ve been living under a massive rock for a very long time. A domain registrar and hosting company, GoDaddy is a giant when it comes to the world of websites. Along with their trademark services, GoDaddy also acts as a certificate authority itself. Although their SSL business is relatively new, they have captured a good portion of the market.

Pros of GoDaddy SSL:

You can easily get an SSL certificate if you’re using GoDaddy’s hosting service.

Needless to say, GoDaddy is the biggest hosting provider on the planet and to capitalize on such a massive customer-base, they also offer SSL/TLS certificates to their customers. A significant advantage with GoDaddy is the ease of integration as everything is available in one place.


Cons of GoDaddy SSL:

High pricing

Compared to Comodo, SSL/TLS certificates of GoDaddy are priced considerably higher. So, if you’re not looking to spend much on SSL/TLS certificates, GoDaddy might not be the right choice for you.

Less range of products

Another massive disadvantage with GoDaddy is its limited range of products. With GoDaddy, you get only three SSL certificates to choose from. Compared to Comodo which offers 20+ SSL products, GoDaddy’s range of products might not appeal to every customer-base.

No dedicated SSL expert support

GoDaddy is primarily a hosting provider, not an SSL/TLS provider. That’s why it’d be wrong of us to expect world-class SSL expert support. They have a proper support team in place, but they might not be having years of experience in the SSL/TLS business.

GoDaddy SSL Customers Reviews & Ratings


Product Range



Refund Policy


GoDaddy’s SSL Products

Product Name Validation Type Price<!–- [et_pb_br_holder] -–>
Read More
Standard SSL DV SSL $74.99/year Read More
Deluxe SSL OV SSL $129.99/year Read More
Premium EV SSL EV SSL $149.99/year Read More
Multi-Domain SSL Multi-Domain SSL $169.99/year Read More
Wildcard SSL Wildcard SSL $349.99/year Read More

Real Statistics about Comodo vs GoDaddy SSL Certificates

As shown in the below image, Comodo occupies around 34% of the market share—more than any other paid CA.

Currently, GoDaddy accounts for around 4.8% of SSL certificates worldwide according to W3techs.


Get access to data on 34,562,978 websites that have used Comodo SSL. We know of 10,553,636 live websites using Comodo SSL and an additional 24,009,342 sites that used Comodo SSL historically.


As per datanyze Report,


What’s the Difference? – Comodo SSL vs GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Information Comodo SSL GoDaddy SSL
Multiple SSL Products Available Not Available
Free Trial SSL Certificate Yes No
SSL Certificate Under $10 Yes No
Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Yes No
EV Multi-Domain SSL Yes No
EV Code Singing SSL Product Yes No

Let’s Compare Comodo SSLs vs GoDaddy SSLs


To be fair, the ‘Comodo vs. GoDaddy’ debate is a bit unfair as the former is a CA while the latter is a domain registrar and hosting provider. However, they both offer SSL certificates, and that’s why the comparison is inevitable. To give you a fair answer, going for Comodo SSL certificates does make sense, considering many factors—brand, price, options, and support. But if you’re an existing GoDaddy customer, you may find it easy to integrate an SSL certificate to your website. Keep in mind that there is no white and black here. It’s all up to you.

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