Discover SSL by Server Types

SSL Certificate can secure communication held between the client (browser) and server, but to secure this communication the SSL must be installed properly over the server.

Well, the SSL installation process and use will be different based on Server and its types/version. Let’s talk about different web servers, Installation process and SSL usage in details.

Widely used Web Servers and SSL Guide

1) Apache HTTP Server

apache http serverLaunched in 1995, today Apache become the widely used web server, it is the most convenient web server which works on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows and UNIX. Apache HTTP server is a project developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

Today about 55.2% website admins are Apache HTTP Server. It is compatible with mostly all SSL Certificate authorities, and SSL installation process is easy as well.

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2) NGINX Server

nginx-serverNGINX is 2nd most famous web server with over 27.1% active websites, it is a free open source server with high performance, reverse proxy & IMAP/POP3 proxy features. NGINX server is used by worldwide customers because it caters high performance, covers rich features, requires low amount of resources, and comes up with simple configuration.

NGINX support all SSL certificate authorities and the Installation of SSL is very much easy.

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3) Microsoft IIS Server

microsoft-iis-serverMicrosoft IIS is third largest using web server worldwide. Microsoft IIS is a secured, flexible, manageable and scalable web server created by Microsoft. Microsoft IIS Server supports HTTP, HTTPS, SMPT, NNTP, FTP, FTPS, etc. introduced IIS 1.0 & today’s IIS 10.0 included in Windows Server 2016. IIS is a reliable server as its offers an extensible web infrastructure. Its supports ASP and PHP for web application development.

It allows users to securely publish web content as it uses standard protocols and comes up with great SSL Certificate support.

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4) Apache Tomcat Web server

apache-tomcat-web-serverApache Tomcat is developed by Apache Software Foundation is an open source server which is fulfilled with JavaServer Pages, Java Servlet, Java WebSocket technologies and Java Expression Language. Adopted by large number of web users, it covers industries large scale and mission critical applications.

Whether its domain validated, organization validated, extended validated or code signing certificate, Apache Tomcat supports all type of SSL Certificates.

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5) Microsoft Exchange Web Server

microsoft-exchange-serverDeveloped by Microsoft to use it as Mail server and calendaring service. It supports MAPI, EAS, POP3, IMAP. Exchange server is licensed for software as a service and on-premises software. Latest Microsoft Exchange Server comes up with several features like RPC client access, client access server, database availability group, outlook web application, etc.

Comodo, Symantec, DigiCert and Thawte certificate authorities are compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server.

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6) MAC OS X server

mac-os-x-lion-serverKnown as OS X Server was designed by Apple Inc. It is an open-source web server which has built in features as contact sharing, file sharing, calendar, secure instant message sending, event scheduling, send/receive email, conducting live video conference, blog publishing and distributing, website setup etc.

OS X Server supports SSL encryption and compatible with all Certificate Authorities.

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7) Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)

cisco-secure-access-control-serverMulti-access platform introduced by CISCO offers device administrator, network administration control, wireless authentication, remote access etc. It comes with low cost, improves operation efficiency and risk management.

Cisco ACS support SSL encryption which allow users to secure and manage websites with HTTPS protocol.

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