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Documents Require for Digicert SSL Certificates


After buying the DigiCert SSL Certificate the very next step is Business/domain validation. DigiCert will ask several documents form issuer for validation before issuing an SSL.

For DigiCert SSL validation a business must pass from following two procedure

1) Rights to Issue SSL Certificate

Issuer must need to present that he has the proper rights to access the domain which he applied to secure with SSL Certificate.  Business must own the domain name which was added to secure, otherwise it will be considered as fraudulent case and issuance process will be terminate.

DigiCert will review the Domain’s Registrar’s information for above validation.

Note: Please keep your domain registrar’s information as public.

2) Organization is Genuine and Lawful

The running Organization must be a genuine and it should be law farmed. Each Organization need to submit their documents on or fax on +1-801-705-0481.

DigiCert will ask to send documents such as Business Address, Business License, Owner’s details, Utility bills, etc. to validate organization and extended validated SSL certificate.

The requirement of documents will be different based on Country and domain type. Customer added documents will not be considered as legal documents, but it will help to accelerate the validation process.

Following list of documents are acceptable for DigiCert SSL Validation

  • Zoning Permit
  • Transaction Privilege Tax License
  • Trade Name Renewal Form
  • Trade Name Registration Form
  • Statement of Partnership Agreement
  • Sellers Permit
  • Sales & Use Tax Permit
  • Restatement and Revision of Partnership Agreement
  • Public Records Filing for a New Business Entity
  • Privilege License
  • Organization Action in Writing of Incorporation
  • Occupational Tax Certificate/License
  • Notary Public Identification Card
  • Merchant’s Certificate of Registration
  • General Excise Tax License
  • Filing receipt
  • Filing endorsement
  • Fictitious Business Name Statement
  • Employer Identification Number Application
  • Declaration of Proprietorship or Partnership Registration
  • Corporation Estimated Tax Form
  • Corporation Annual Report
  • Corporate Charter
  • Certificate/Articles of Organization
  • Certificate/Articles of Amendment
  • Certificate of Withholding Identification Number
  • Certificate of Payment of Business Tax
  • Certificate of Ownership for Unincorporated Business or Profession
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Certificate of Existence with Status in Good Standing
  • Certificate of Exempt Status
  • Certificate of Change of Resident Agent and/or Location of Registered Office
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Certificate of Assumed Business Name
  • Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment by Resident Agent
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Business License/Certificate
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