Documents Require for Thawte SSL Certificates


Thawte is one of the most recommended and trusted SSL certificate which offers SSL Certificates and Code signing certificate to their clients since 1995. Thawte SSL comes up with Seal of trust which is a symbol of online trust and confidence which indicates the information and business transaction are secured.

Thawte offers domain validation, organization validation, extended validation SSL certificate with multi domain and wildcard features and it also offers Code Signing certificates for any business and individuals.

To approve SSL certificate issuance, Thawte requires business documents from issuer.

Thawte documents for Domain Validation

For Domain validation Thawte will follow either Domain Registrar’s information or it will communication with file based verification.

Following details must be included on Domain Registrar’s information,

  • Organization Name (Registered during CSR generation)
  • Organization Address

If the issuer fails to display above detail on Domain Registrar’s information, Thawte will not issue the SSL certificate. So Domain Registrar’s information must be updated with above details before issuance.

Domain Registrar information must require as public, private option will disapprove SSL issuance request.

Thawte documents for Organization & Extended Validation and Code Signing Certificate.

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