Domain Validated SSL Validation Process

A domain validated SSL is the very common SSL Certificates, which secure your website with https and very easy validation type. Once you buy a Domain validated SSL Certificate, you need to following process to get your certificate from SSL Certificate authority.

Domain Validation Process

  1. File based verification – The certificate authority will provide you an html file knows as Authentication File (auth file) including a specific content (Hash Data), you just need to upload that file on your server directory. Once the finds the auth file, they will approve Certificate issuance request.
  2. Domain Registrar Information (DNS Records) – Certificate authority issues your certificate by domain registrar’s information. So if your domain registrar’s details are private, then you must turn it open.
  3. Email Based Verification – Certificate authority verify domain identity by email. They send an email to the domain administrator; included with a unique link and verification code, you just need to confirm that link and your certificate will be issued.

Certificate authority may send email on any of following prefixes.

  • admin@
  • administrator@
  • postmaster@
  • hostmaster@
  • webmaster@

Whether it’s a wildcard SSL certificate, standard SSL certificate or a Multi domain SSL certificate, the Domain validation policy will remain same as we’ve mentioned above.

Note: Domain validation process may vary and its depends on Certificate Authority.




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