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FastSSL DV Wildcard SSL Review – Know More About Its Features and Benefits

The fastest way to secure your domain and all your subdomains

With an SSL from FastSSL, securing your domain and subdomains should not be difficult. FastSSL’s highly automated validation process will let you secure your website almost immediately. You also need not spend a fortune on your SSL certificate as it comes at an affordable price. With SSL certificates from FastSSL, you can quickly secure your websites without putting a dent in your pocket.

Though it comes at an affordable price, it does not fall short in terms of security. It comes with all the latest encryption protocols and security features.

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FastSSL DV Wildcard certificates secure a domain and all its subdomains. Getting a wildcard SSL certificate from FastSSL is the best way to secure your website and all accompanying subdomains.

This certificate is sure to offer industry-standard security and encryption features and your website will be secured with an SSL from a globally trusted certificate authority. You can not just secure the www and non-www versions of your website but all accompanying subdomains, as well. You just have to pay for a single SSL certificate to secure your website and all subdomains. If you are looking to secure just the www and non-www versions of your domain, you can go for the FastSSL DV certificate.

FastSSL has a completely automated validation system so that you will receive your certificate almost immediately. The validation process will not take more than five minutes to complete. FastSSL ensures that its validation system is the best and the fastest when compared to the other certificate authorities.

Strong 256- Bit Encryption Strength

With FastSSL DV Wildcard certificate, you can secure your website and your visitors from threats online. It uses strong 256-bit industry-standard encryption algorithm to encrypt your data. It supports 2048-bit private key encryption and SHA-256 hashing.

Massive Warranty

It comes with a $50,000 warranty, which means your website visitors will be compensated in case they incur losses because something went wrong with the FastSSL DV WIldcard certificate.

Likewise, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase your FastSSL DV Wildcard certificate from AboutSSL.

Quick Validation

The domain validation process is a breeze as it is completely automated. If you wish to secure your website now, you can secure it immediately without any delay. You need not wait for days to complete the validation process. The email, file, and DNS validation process will complete in just five minutes.

Browser Compatibility

This DV SSL certificate is signed by FastSSL and is issued from the most trusted root certificate. These certificates are compatible with all mobile and desktop browsers and all devices.

Features and Benefits of FastSSL Wildcard Certificate

  • Domain Validated Wildcard SSL certificate
  • Industry-standard 256-bit encryption algorithm
  • 2048-bit private key
  • Issued by a renowned certificate authority
  • Quick and easy, fully automated domain validation process
  • Issued immediately
  • Secures your domain and all accompanying subdomains
  • No paperwork required
  • Unlimited server licenses and re-issues
  • Comes backed with a huge $50,000 warranty
  • Offers the secure site seal
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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FastSSL offers secure and reliable SSL certificates for all kinds of websites. It offers strong encryption features and makes sure its users are secure online. Its completely automated validation process will help you secure your website in just minutes. Likewise, when it comes to pricing, it is much cheaper than most other SSL certificates. At an affordable price, you can secure your website and all accompanying subdomains.
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