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HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Review: Ensure PCI DSS Compliance

Get HackerGuardian PCI Scanning for Vulnerability Assessment Scanning of Your Site

Are you handling an online eCommerce store, or do you have a site that deals with credit card details? If yes, you might be aware that it’s not easy to get approved for accepting customer credit cards unless your site is PCI compliant.

hackerguardian pci scanning review
Yes, the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an information security standard made for those companies and organizations that deal with respected credit card companies on their website. It has been mandated by the five major credit card companies, namely MASTERCARD, VISA, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and JCB. According to PCI DSS, companies that handle credit card data should securely store the details, and they should also be the PCI compliant.

However, without stressing it out for being PCI compliant, you can choose to get a solution like HackerGuardian PCI scanning that helps all types of companies to follow the requirements of PCI DSS.

What’s HackerGuardian PCI Scanning?

Put simply, HackerGuardian PCI Scanning provided by Sectigo helps to turn a difficult task into a simplified and valuable process, especially for those beginner eMerchants. Sectigo HackerGuardian helps to fulfill all the mandatory scanning effortlessly that are required to become PCI compliant.

HackerGuardian PCI scanning allows business owners to validate PCI Compliance on every quarter for up to five different servers along with the HackerGuardian plug-ins that let you do 30K+ vulnerability tests.

HackerGuardian PCI Scanning Plans

Furthermore, it comes under three different plans: HackerGuardian Standard, HackerGuardian Enterprise, and HackerProof.

HackerGuardian Standard:

HackerGuardian Standard pack is perfect for those who have a maximum of up to five IP addresses. Further, it offers full PCI compliance scan reports. It’s a good option for companies that accept, process, and store credit card information. It provides a detailed vulnerability report with security issues and remedy for the cross-referenced across more than a thousand online advisors.

  • Scanning for up to 5 IP Addresses
  • 10 PCI Scans per Quarter
  • ASV Scan reporting

HackerGuardian Enterprise:

As the name implies, it’s an enterprise plan, which means it offers the same HackerGuardian PCI Scanning, but with additional features like you’ll be able to scan up to a maximum of 20 IP addresses with an unlimited scanning per quarter, including full PCI compliance scan report.

  • Scans up to 20 different IP addresses
  • Unlimited PCI Scans
  • ASV Scan reporting


It offers all the features of HackerGuardian Enterprise that lets you scan IP addresses, unlimited scanning per quarter, PCI compliance scan report. Other additional features like daily website vulnerability scanning and HackerProof Trust Mark for 1 domain.

  • Scanning up to 20 different IP Addresses
  • Unlimited PCI Scanning
  • Includes ASV Scanning Report
  • Daily website vulnerability scanning for 1 domain
  • HackerProof Trust Mark site seal for 1 domain



  • Max IP Addresses: 5
  • PCI Scans per Quarter: Unlimited
  • ASV Scan Report: Yes
  • Website Vulnerability Scans: No
  • HackerProof Site Seal: No



  • Max IP Addresses: 20
  • PCI Scans per Quarter: Unlimited
  • ASV Scan Report: Yes
  • Website Vulnerability Scans: No
  • HackerProof Site Seal: No



  • Max IP Addresses: 20
  • PCI Scans per Quarter: Unlimited
  • ASV Scan Report: Yes
  • Website Vulnerability Scans: Yes
  • HackerProof Site Seal: Yes

Features of Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanning

  • Allows disruption free scanning that doesn’t interfere with the data system of the cardholder.
  • Doesn’t install any software on your system without your permission or knowledge.
  • It doesn’t conduct any test that overloads the system or causes outages.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • It allows you to perform scanning on segments instead of the entire network.
  • Scans web apps during or after the development process to ensure they’re secured and safe to use.

Benefits of Getting Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanning

  • Vulnerability scanning that’s PCI scan compliant.
  • PCI Compliance reports that can be sent immediately to merchant banks.
  • Detailed reports that help you identify security holes exposed by Sectigo HackerGuardian along with advice to fix it.
  • Secure and easy to use web-based interface that lets you schedule PCI scans for up to 5 servers.
  • Automatically submit the status of compliance directly to the acquiring banks.

Here’s Why You Should Get a Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanning

Some of the common reasons to get a Sectigo HackerGuarding PCI scanning are like:

  • If you’re running a website that deals with the customers’ credit card details and have one to five servers. So, as a proof of being PCI compliant to the merchant bank, PCI Scan Compliance is a good option.
  • It helps you get detailed reports of scanning that provides precise and actionable threat prevention advice.
  • Ready to go PCI Scan Compliance reports for all the available servers and its types that you can immediately provide to an acquiring bank.
  • Fully-featured scans on-demand every quarterly that helps to achieve PCI Scan Compliance.
  • It provides visible trust indicators on your site that reassure customers that you’re authorized to accept credit cards.

Wrapping Up

Sectigo HackerGuardian PCI Scanning helps confirm that the site’s data security standards are compliant with the required PCI DSS standards. It’ll provide detailed reports by scanning your site for more than 30K vulnerability tests and will give you enough information on whether it’s enough or else you’ll have to take any extra precautions along with actionable advice. Lastly, it’s provided under three different plans. For instance, if you don’t have many servers, then the standard plan will be more than enough, or else you can even go for the enterprise if you’ve to scan around 20 IP addresses.
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