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How EV Code Signing Certificate Works?

EV Code Signing Certificate to Instantly Bypass Microsoft SmartScreen Warning

Making software is not an easy task. It does involve a lot of coding and testing that takes a lot of time. And, once it’s sought out, it gets ready for being published. Even though the software is successfully published still, there’s one important barrier and its user’s trust.

Yes, if the user is not trusting your software, it’s sure to go downhills, and the number one reason is warning messages that come while installing or downloading software. Those pesky warning messages like Microsoft SmartScreen Warning message is one of the terrible messages that make users doubt the credibility of the software and their developer.

However, there’s a solution and it’s EV Code Signing Certificate. If you’re an organization and user’s trust is of utmost importance, then EV Code Signing Certificate is something you should look into. It’ll help you prevent warning messages and even help bypass that dreaded Microsoft SmartScreen Warning Message that makes users run away.

What’s EV (Extended Validated) Code Signing Certificate?

An Extended Validated Code Signing Certificate is one of the security certificates from the family of X.509 certificate that helps verify software developer’s authenticity while helping them code sign their software with a digital signature that helps to bypass Microsoft SmartScreen Warning Message.

It helps assuring users and Microsoft Windows that software is built from the trusted source and doesn’t have any malicious agenda behind it that can harm users. The digital signature used for signing software also allows identifying that software hasn’t been tampered since its signing, and it’s safe to download and install. Furthermore, EV Code Signing Certificate even offers visible clues like the name of the organization who has signed the software, which makes it appear trustworthy.

Though, the purchase process of EV code signing is a bit different. You go through the same verification process, but with EV code signing, it’s a bit deeper. Here, you’ve to provide more information like your organization registration details that have to be matched with publicly available information. So, CA can verify that you’re what you say you’re. In other words, you’ve to prove that you’re a legal entity, and it’s completely safe to deal with you in any way or form.

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What’s Microsoft SmartScreen Warning Message?

It’s not hidden that cyberattacks, malicious software, or malicious website are increasing day by day. Users know about it, and they’re even cautious about it, and Microsoft Windows, like other tech giants, already take active steps to inform users.

And Microsoft SmartScreen Warning message is one such thing. It helps you by informing about the software or any executable file you download or install. It lets you make an informed decision on whether to move further or not. For instance, it shows a warning message that the software they’re dealing with is not trustworthy, and it shouldn’t be installed or downloaded. It checks files that you download against a list of reported malicious software and programs that’s not safe. If it finds matching related to it, it’ll warn you.

And, to avoid such a warning message instantly, only EV Code Signing Certificate provided by respected Certificate Authorities like Sectigo and DigiCert is the only way. Here, we will discuss how EV Code Signing works and how it helps avoid this dreaded warning message that makes users lose trust.

Here’s How EV Code Signing Certificate Works to Bypass SmartScreen Warning

Once your EV Code Signing certificate is issued, the private key is sent through mail on an external hardware token. It helps in protecting against unauthorized access. The reason behind sending private keys through hardware token is that it’s important to keep it secure as any unauthorized access to it can compromise it. It means it can be used for signing malicious software, which can damage your reputation across all the popular browsers. However, storing your private key on an external hard drive prevents it from such misfortune. It turns that digital security issues into a physical security issue, which is quite easy to manage.

However, EV Code Signing Certificate is used as a standard Code Signing Certificate to sign your software, but it’s signing process does get different. Like, that Private Key stored on an external drive is mandatory for successfully signing the software.

Process of EV Code Signing to Sign Software and Prevent SmartScreen Warning

how ev code signing works
Once your software is created to avoid warning message, especially Microsoft SmartScreen Warning message, you’ll require to purchase an EV Code Signing certificate and then go through the signing process, which is done using below three steps:


Once your software is created, you should hash it. Hash is a mathematical function that lets users understand that software hasn’t been tampered with. And, if the hash function produced during download is not correct, the browser will get to know that it’s been compromised, and it’ll show a warning message to users.


Once you hashed your software, you need to sign your software using the private key stored in an external drive. Use that private key and digitally sign and timestamp your software. By signing and timestamping, you’re letting browsers know who’s the publisher and whether you should be trusted or not.


Once the software signing and timestamping process are completed, you can go ahead and publish it. Whenever someone tries downloading, the browser will be aware that software is signed using an EV Code Signing certificate and the software is from the trusted source, and it hasn’t been tampered with.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a big organization where having a trust is of utmost importance or else, you’re a software publisher looking for instant Microsoft Smart Screen recognition. The only option is to go with EV Code Signing Certificate. It helps to prevent all those unwanted warning messages that can backfire on your reputation.

Also, it helps users by giving visible proof like your company’s name, which helps users verify that your company is a legal entity, and it’s safe to deal with without being worried about any malicious activity that can harm their computer or personal information.

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