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How to Install SSL Certificate on Courier IMAP Server

Steps to Install SSL on Courier IMAP Mail Server

 Initial Checklist

At the beginning of SSL Certificate installation, you need to verify following important processes

  • Buy/Renew SSL Certificate from Trusted CA
  • Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) with SHA-2
  • Save CSR & Private key file
  • Apply for SSL Certificate Issuance Process
  • Submit SSL Certificate Issuance documents to CA (for EV & OV SSL Certificate).

Step 1: Extract SSL Certificate Files

After applying for SSL certificate issuance, CA will verify your documents and after approval they will send you email including a *.zip file which carries your SSL certificate, Intermediate & Root Certificate file. Download that file and extract it on your server or system hard-disk in a protected location.

Step 2: Create PEM File

To create the .PEM file, first open your primary certificate file using a text editor and copy its encrypted data into a new file, now following the same way copy encrypted data of the private key (Key file which you have received during CSR generation) append it on the new file under the encrypted data of primary certificate. Now save this new file with ‘mysslcertificate.pem’ name.

The ‘mysslcertificate.pem’ file will be something like this

Encrypted Data of Primary Certificate

Encrypted Data of Primary Certificate

If Intermediate Certificate file required then open it and save it as ‘intermediate.txt’ file.

Step 3: Import & Install SSL certificate

  • In your courier IMAP, browse for ‘imapd-ssl’ file and open it using a text editor and Add directives displayer below.
  • Now restart you server.

SSL Certificate is now installed on Courier IMAP server.

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