How to Install SSL Certificate on IBM HTTP Server

Steps to install SSL on IBM HTTP Server

Initial Checklist

Following processes must be completed before installing SSL Certificate

  • Buy or Renew SSL Certificate
  • Generate CSR with SHA-2
  • Save CSR & Private key file on your server
  • Apply for SSL Certificate Issuance
  • Submit SSL Issuance documents to Certificate authority (for EV & OV SSL Certificate).

Your SSL Certificate will be sent via email in a zip file, download the zip file and extract it on your IBM server.

Step 1: Root and Intermediate Certificate Installation

  • UNIX users run IKEYMAN
  • Windows users open Key management Utility using start menu, located under your IBM HTTP Server
  • Now select the Key Database File and press Open
  • Browse the key database file (.kbd)
  • Enter the password which you’ve applied during .kbd file creation and then press OK
  • In the Key Database field click on Signer Certificates and click Add.
  • Browse the Root Certificate which is located in your IBM server and press OK.

Root certificate file is now installed.

  • If your certificate authority have provided Intermediate certificate, then follow the above process again to install it.

Step 2: Primary Server Certificate Installation

  • Select your key Database
  • Open Key Database Content from IKEYMAN.
  • In Key Database Content, select Personal Certificates form drop-down list and click on Receive… button.
  • Now in Receive Certificate dialogue add following details
    • Keep Data type as ‘Base64-encoded ASCII data’,
    • In Certificate file name, browse the primary certificate file location and press OK

Primary SSL Certificate is now installed on IBM HTTP server.

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