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How to Install SSL Certificate on Webmin

Steps to Install SSL Certificate on Webmin

Initial Instruction

Following process should be completed before SSL installation process

  • Buy/renew SSL Certificate
  • Generate CSR with SHA-2 algorithm
  • Save the CSR & Private key file on your server directory
  • Apply for SSL Certificate Issuance
  • Submit SSL issuance Documents as per CA’s requirement (Only For EV & OV Certificates)

SSL Certificate will be issued by CA & sent via email. Check your email, download certificate files (Primary, Root & Intermediate) and save them on your server directory.

Step 1: Install SSL Certificate

  • In /etc/Webmin location of your Webmin server, you will find pem file.
  • Now run below code to create a new-mineswev.pem file which will replace the old mineserv.pem file.
cat private.keyyourdomain.crt > new-miniserv.pem

Or else follow the alternate method.

  • Open your certificate file and private key file (key which you got during CSR creation) with notepad. Create a new file and then copy the encrypted data of private key and paste it on the new file, Copy the encrypted data of primary certificate and paste it in to the new file append by private key data. Save the file name as new-miniserv.pem.

  • Open your old pem file with notepad and enter following code to add the intermediate SSL Certificate.
  • Restart your Webmin server.

Your SSL Certificate is now installed on your Webmin Server.

Resources and Other Installation Guides

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