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How to Securely Sign Digital Documents?

how to securely sign digital documents

You can make your electronic signatures more secure with PKI. Know how a document signing service will help you to securely sign your document electronically

With digital communications increasing day by day, many rely on digital document signing. A digital signature builds trust between the parties involved. Digital document signing adds more security to digital transactions and document communications. These signatures are equal to handwritten signatures and when a document is signed digitally, there is no need to sign the document by hand.

Electronic signatures can be drawn signatures or photocopies of handwritten signatures. You can add such digital signatures to your online word or PDF documents in a breeze. However, these signatures can be copied by scammers and can be misused. Some businesses also copy and paste their customers’ electronic signatures without their consent. So it is important to add more security to your digital signature.

While documents signed digitally have full legal force in some countries, laws to legalize digital document signing are still evolving in some countries. The requirements to legally sign a document may not be the same in all countries and each country might have a different requirement. While some countries like the US have minimalist or permissive signing laws, some may have prescriptive e-signature laws. European nations and China have two-tier e-signature laws, that are a combination of both minimalist and prescriptive laws.

Let’s understand how to securely sign a document online.

How Digital Document Signing Is Secure With PKI

Digitally signing documents through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is one of the best ways to secure electronic document signing. This proves the authenticity of the party signing the document and it will also make the document tamper-proof.

Your e-signature will be an encrypted hash with PKI and no one except the one with the copy of your public key can decrypt it. Signing documents using PKI will let you verify the sender and also ensure that the contents of the document have not been modified or stolen. As mentioned above, a digital signature that has been scanned or typed can easily be misused. But an e-signature that uses the PKI technology cannot be forged.

However, for the signature to be considered legally binding, it is important for the document signing service to follow stringent government protocols. DigiSigner meets eIDAS, regulations that are globally recognized and signatures signed using DigiSigner are legally equal to handwritten signatures.

Documents signed using the PKI technology will include the signer’s verified identity. This shows your digital signature cannot be copied and used on other documents. So, the best way to securely sign a document is by signing is using a trustworthy cloud-based solution like DigiSigner. This service will ensure that your signature is not misused by invalidating it if the document is tampered with. This service will safeguard the private keys of the signer and will securely encrypt and decrypt documents.

Simplify the Process of Electronically Signing Digital Documents with a Document Signing Software

For secure digital document signing, there are document signing services, using which you can securely e-sign digital documents. Services like DigiSigner will help you digitally sign a large volume of documents securely and you do not need additional hardware for it. This way, you and your business can securely sign documents digitally from anywhere and on any device without a huge investment.

You can sign your documents in fractions of seconds without having to get out of your cabin. No printing, fax, or scanning is involved and you can sign the document online quickly and easily. Your employees, customers, and everyone else involved in your business can sign documents digitally in just a matter of two clicks. This simple and quick procedure will help you sign documents legally and securely and you can also save a lot of time by getting your documents signed online in just a few seconds.

Digital signatures created with DigiSigner are compliant with UETA, EU eIDAS regulations, and other global standards. You can find out more about DigiSigner at

This modern way of signing documents will let you close your deals faster as you do not even have to get out of your chair to meet your partners or customers to get documents signed.


We believe you are now aware that signing documents digitally using a document signing service is the best and the quickest way to sign a document online securely. You can create your digital signature on DigiSigner using your mouse or by just typing your name. You can also upload an image of your signature. No matter how you choose to create your digital signature, all signatures created with DigiSigner are considered authentic.
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