How to tackle untrusted SSL certificate error?

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The certificate which triggers an error of untrusted SSL certificate, in web browser is only the case that the certificate hasn’t been signed by the trusted certificate authority.

The following errors can happen in the following situations;

  • Missing chain or Intermediate Certificate – The following situation arias in case of certificate authority require to install at least single chain or intermediate certificate on the server and require connection between them to make it trusted by 99% web browsers.
  • Website might enabled with free SSL certificate or self-signed certificate– it is the case of trust by the major web browsers so if you are using free SSL certificate or self-signed certificate then might browser will not trust the certificate.

Let’s take deep view on this and see how to solve the untrusted certificate error by different Certificate Authorities. In order to fix this type of SSL certificate error that user must have to follow the proper SSL certificate installation guides in terms of the solution. The best way is just avoid unnecessary cause with the right guide of SSL certificate installation. Below are the latest guides of SSL certificate installation from Certificate Authority to resolve the following error.

Get rid of Untrusted Certificate Error

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