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How to tackle wrong or invalid SSL certificate error

Wrong or invalid SSL/TLS certificate error appears due to various reasons. This error of an invalid SSL certificate needs more research to resolve it. But before we dig into it, let’s understand what this SSL error message means.
invalid ssl certificate error

What Does Invalid SSL/TLS Certificate Means?

An SSL/TLS Certificate can be created and signed by anyone. But that’s another thing that it won’t be trusted by your installed browser. Put simply, if your browser fails to recognize the website’s installed SSL/TLS Certificate, it will generate an error that installed SSL/TLS Certificate is invalid or certificate authority is invalid or incorrect, and it cannot be trusted.

To put it another way, browsers have a set of built-in lists of trusted certificate authorities such as Comodo. If the certificate installed on your website is not provided from the listed certificate authority, or it’s a self-signed SSL/TLS Certificate, and your web browser cannot verify the installed SSL/TLS certificate, then you’ll receive this invalid SSL/TLS certificate error message.

Let’s see some other reasons to receive this error message.

Reasons for this error;

  • If user access the mismatch domain name in the address bar then browser will show the error of invalid SSL certificate, as result of this user must have to access the right domain name or URL which exactly enlisted on the certificate in order to resolve the error.
  • If user have signed their certificate by unknown trusted source or self-signed certificate then browser will show invalid certificate error. In order to avoid this situation, user must have valid certificate authority SSL certificate.
  • In case the certificate has expired and it’s no longer valid then browser will show invalid certificate. In order to avoid this situation users must have set alert for the expiry of certificate and get it renewed in time.
  • Exceptional case if your website have incorrect format of SSL certificate then it’s called invalid certificate by browsers.

Troubleshoot Invalid SSL certificate error

  • User must confirm web address before the issuance of their certificate and it should be in the right format as per the issuance website name.
  • User must have certificate from the trusted Certificate Authorities (CA) such as Symantec™, Thawte™, GeoTrust™, RapidSSL®, DigiCert™, etc.
  • User must have to set alert before the expiry of certificate.



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