Installation of self-signed certificate in IIS

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Once, you have created a self-signed certificate,

Steps to Install Self Sign SSL on IIS

Step – 1. Go to the start menu & click on Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

IIS Manager

Step – 2. Click on the server name in the Connections column on the left and Double-click on Server Certificates

IIS Server Certificate

Step – 3. Right click on the site you want to install the cert on and select “Edit Bindings”.

Edit Binding

Step – 4. Click on ‘Add’ button to create a new binding.

Site Binding

Step – 5. A new window will appear, where you’ll be asked to select ‘HTTPS’ and ‘the SSL certificate’ that you have created.

Add Site Binding

Save the changes and you will see a second site binding listing the https site.

Site Bindings

Step – 6. Check your SSL Certificate using https. If you have installed your self signed certificate than you will be asked to accept a certificate warning and to add an exception to view your site using SSL.