Microsoft Office Communication Server SSL Certificate

Microsoft Official Communication Server is the most popular and highly implemented web mail server whether it’s small, medium or large level organization. It’s now quicker and easier to secure Microsoft OCS with bundle SSL certificate which comes in various types of SSL certificate. Microsoft OCS is widely used as Instant messaging, web conferencing, presence and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony.

Microsoft Official Communication Server can be secured through various Certificate Authority (CA) which are available at the reliable and a
ffordable price on the Internet. When it’s about mail server security then certificate must have compatibility of 99.99% web browsers of latest version. Compatibility of certificate is the crucial aspect when it comes on the communication security on the Internet.

Let’s explore the various versions of SSL certificates to secure Microsoft Office Communication Server.

SSL Certificates for Microsoft Office Communication

Organization Validated SSL Certificates

To secure online business and small or medium level websites organization validation SSL certificate are being used. It validated the business and also indicates that business is legitimate and been verifies by a trusted certificate authority. All organization validation SSL are compatible with 99.9% web and mobile browsers and operating systems.

Extended Validated SSL Certificates

Extended validation SSL certificate are designed to deliver highest level of encryption to user’s information and trust factor. It displays green address bar including organization name in URL which is the #1 indicator of online trust, a user will quickly understand that the website was validated by certificate authority and he can share financial details with any fear of cyber-attacks.

SAN or UCC SSL Certificates

UCC and SAN SSL Certificate are highly recommended to give security to Microsoft office communication environment. It can secure up to 100 fully qualified domains under single certificate. It is available in domain validation, organization validation and extended validation options. Here the 1stdomain act as base domain and the other domain are working as SAN (Subject Alternative Name).

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