Novell SSL Certificates

Novell is the most popular tool to manage and administrate local area network of internal organization. It’s easier and quicker to protect data through Novell’s tool and SSL certificate. It’s easy and reliable way to manage organization through Novell along with SSL certificate.

Let’s explore the multiple types of SSL certificate to protect data on Novell.

SSL Certificates for Novell Tool

Organization Validated SSL Certificates

Organization Validation SSL certificates are most recommended to small/medium/large level businesses where user’s personal and financial information are asked by the website. It ensures the website is encrypted with a genuine SSL Certificate brand and the information will remain safe between browser and server communication. OV SSL Certificate comes up with both Multi-domain and wildcard SSL feature.


Extended Validated SSL Certificates

EV SSL, known as extended validation SSL Certificate which has a degree to deliver the highest level of encryption and user trust. EV SSL installed websites displays green address bar along with organization name in URL which indicates that the website is a legitimate business and there will cause no harm or loss to share information with it. These trust indicators increase user’s most valuable trust and confidence additionally; it also helps to grow the business conversation rate.


SAN or UCC SSL Certificates

SAN and UCC SSL Certificate are powered to protect up to 100 multiple fully qualified domains. A single certificate has the ability to protect 100 domains, here the first domain will be served as base domain and the other 99 domain names are a server as SAN (Subject Alternative Name). SAN & UCC SSL Certificate are available with domain validation, organization validation and extended validation option. They deliver 256-bit encryption strength and comes up with 2048-bit signature.


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