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Possible Alternatives of Network Solutions SSL Certificates

Alternative Options of Network Solutions SSL Certificates

Day by day the usage of digitalization is increasing. Even we buy items and pay online bills using our debit/credit card or net banking over the internet which can be a more interactive and less time-consuming. With the growing e-commerce world, one thing people are invariably ignoring is web security which results in cyber-attacks towards an innocent user for their sensitive information. However, you need to improve your website security with HTTPS namely SSL certificate for your online shopping website or e-commerce store.

A website must have installed a third-party SSL certificate to protect your website and viewer’s online transactions as well as take benefits of SEO ranking in Google. Before you purchase and install an SSL certificate, you may have a question like If the website doesn’t collect sensitive information then why we should have SSL certificate? Let’s discuss in details.

Why every website must have encryption?

The question always comes in mind before anyone purchases an SSL certificate is “Why do we need SSL?”. SSL aka Secure Socket Layer is a standard security protocol used to secure customer’s sensitive information via an encrypted link. It allows securing user’s confidential information such as credit card details, account login information, social security numbers to be passed securely over the internet.

Having a website with an SSL certificate has multiple advantages, where Google ranking boost up is one of the major benefits now. Google has encouraged all websites to secure visitor information with SSL Certificates. That means even if your website doesn’t have a login page, checkout pages or any sensitive information, you can still get SEO benefits by installation an SSL certificate on your domain.

The main benefit of SSL is that it gives security to the viewers, on the pages where they share their sensitive information with you. It’s a great thinking to enable your website with SSL where user’s share their valuable information such as credit card details, financial transactions, social security number, etc. HTTPS adds an extra layer of protection.

Top Most SSL Certificate Providers

Many of SSL certificate providers including certificate authorities offers SSL certificate. One of them is “Network Solutions”, a reputed SSL certificate authority. We will discuss today as well as Network Solutions SSL Certificates alternatives where you can find cheap and quality SSL certificates.

Let’s discuss a bit about Network Solutions.

About Network Solutions and its SSL Certificates:

Network Solutions has been in SSL industry since a long time and offers a variety of solutions like domain, hosting, SSL certificate, professional email, online marketing. If we talk about Network Solutions SSL Certificates then you will find a suitable certificate for a newbie as well as enterprises. They offer Domain Validation, Organization Validation, Extended Validation and Wildcard SSL certificates. However, they have a bit higher price structure compared to other SSL certificate providers such as Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL etc. Let’s have a look to find an alternative option of Network Solutions SSL Certificates.

Network Solutions SSL Certificates

Xpress Domain Validation (DV Single SSL): Network Solutions has been considering as low-cost Xpress Domain Validation SSL for individual and startup businesses. Every newbie business wants smooth website experience with SSL, strong encryption, quick issuance, automated installation, Google ranking benefits, site seal for customer’s assurance etc. All features you can get with Network Solutions SSL certificates. A single domain is suitable for a startup who want to only display https and closed padlock. The basic package for Xpress DV SSL starts from $69.99 for the first year.

You can also find the alternatives solutions like RapidSSL, Comodo Positive SSL, Thawte SSL123, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, etc. for single domain security. Let’s look upon few of them.

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate offers 256-bit encryption to protect against brute force attack, unlimited reissues, unlimited server licensing where you can install your SSL at a number of servers, instant issuance, dynamic site seal and many more features that can make it worth for purchasing.

A Rapidssl certificate is a kind of certificate that can provide immediate assurance to your viewers that their website transactions will be secured and you can get it within a minute.

Though SSL is a vast subject, anyone who has a low budget and searching for a cheap option to secure their single domain with SSL, then consider below options:

Alternate Option – SSL Certificate Customer’s Ratings Issuance Time Read More
Comodo Positive SSL star-rating Immediate Read More
RapidSSL Certificate star-rating Immediate Read More
Comodo Essential SSL star-rating Immediate Read More
Thawte SSL123 star-rating Immediate Read More
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium star-rating Immediate Read More

Organization Validation (OV) SSL: Network Solutions has special validation for small and medium business websites who wants certificate authority to verify their business ownership in the validation process. Network Solutions has two different type of OV SSL:

(1) Basic OV SSL is a full organization validation SSL issued within 2-4 business days including $50,000 warranty, starts at $139 for the first year.

(2) Advanced OV SSL is a fast organization validation SSL issued within 1 business day including $1 million warranty, starts at $225 for the first year.

Both Organization Validation SSL certificates come with 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit CSR key, also shows an HTTPS padlock in web browser which assures customer trust and tells the website is legitimate and genuine to accept the password and confidential information.

Organization Validation SSL certificate can be availed at low budget cost and for that, a few of them we have listed as below.

DigiCert Secure Site is a world-class SSL certificate for organizations that come with unique SSL features like Malware Scanning, DigiCert Smart Seal, and much more. You will further get $1,500,000 warranty and unlimited re-issues with easy certificate management.

GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate is one of the most growing SSL certificates which offers 256-bit encryption, dynamic trust seal, unlimited service licensing and reissue at a budget price. Any small to medium sized businesses interested in going beyond standard encryption with customer’s trust should consider this certificate.

Let’s pay less with below Organization Validation SSL certificate providers if you find Network Solutions prices a little bit higher.

Alternate Option – SSL Certificate Customer’s Ratings Issuance Time Read More
Comodo InstantSSL Pro star-rating 1-3 Days Read More
Thawte SSL Web Server star-rating 1-3 Days Read More
GeoTrust True BusinessID star-rating 1-3 Days Read More
DigiCert Standard SSL star-rating 1-3 Days Read More

Extended Validation (EV) SSL: Network Solutions EV SSL certificate displays the organization name in the browser address bar, which tells the visitors that the website has the highest level of authentication and trust. Also, the certificate issuance process is very strict, and an owner has to verify all legal and operational details of the company. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate stands the highest validation and is the perfect choice for e-commerce, government and financial sectors banking and payment websites. Network Solutions EV SSL certificate protects single domain name where customers can easily identify the website is genuine by showing organization name in the address bar.

Generally, EV SSL certificate is too costly, but if you look around the web, there are numerous extended validation SSL certificate providers willing to offer the same quality certificate at a much lower cost. You can consider below options too.

Comodo EV SSL certificate issued by Comodo which is the world’s largest “SSL certificate authority market share of 44.1%” said W3Techs report. Comodo EV SSL is an industry’s highest assurance certificate where your website can gain more trust by displaying the verified company name in the URL. The certificate is ideal for avoid phishing scams and it even offers 256-bit encryption to protect your online transmitting data.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL is most valued and recognized names in the SSL industry, where you make your website secured by highest validation as Network Solutions EV SSL offers. The certificate comes with unlimited reissues, dynamic trust seal, and other exciting benefits.

Moreover, Extended Validation SSL certificates are slightly costly compared to other types of SSL certificates, but don’t worry; you can find here some cheap options of the EV SSL certificate.

Alternate Option – SSL Certificate Customer’s Ratings Issuance Time Read More
Comodo PositiveSSL EV star-rating 1-5 Days Read More
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL star-rating 1-5 Days Read More
Thawte EV SSL star-rating 1-5 Days Read More
DigiCert EV SSL star-rating 1-5 Days Read More
Wildcard SSL Certificate: Network Solutions has Wildcard SSL certificate for website owners who wish to secure their unlimited sub-domains under a single certificate at an affordable cost. The certificate cost starts at $649 per year. This SSL certificate is ideally for blogs, small websites, as well verify domain and business ownership. Network Solutions Wildcard SSL is compatible with most web browsers, smartphones, servers, and OS. If you wish to extend your reach for the same quality of encryption at a low-rate, then you have other option too considered as below.

You can consider a few alternatives for Network Solutions Wildcard SSL such as Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard, RapidSSL Wildcard, GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard and so on.

Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard is one of the fastest growing certificates that allows unlimited sub-domains security. The cost of this certificate is much cheaper than other Wildcard SSLs and work with bot www and non-www domains. Though, the certificate comes with $10,000 warranty, 99.9% browser compatibility, FREE PCI scanning, FREE daily website scanning as an extra financial protection.

RapidSSL Wildcard certificate is again an ideal solution for multiple sub-domains security compared to Network Solution Wildcard certificate. RapidSSL is owned and operated by GeoTrust Inc. has gained popularity with its Wildcard product. The certificate saves time and management cost by securing first level sub-domains with just one certificate.

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard certificate is one more alternate option for protecting unlimited subdomains with a single SSL certificate. It is compatible with over 99% of browsers, unlimited reissues, unlimited server licensing, also offers top-level encryption that’s ideally suited for more robust SMB e-commerce sites.

Find out the alternate options of Network Solutions Wildcard SSL certificate at under.

Alternate Option – SSL Certificate Customer’s Ratings Issuance Time Read More
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard star-rating Immediate Read More
RapidSSL Wildcard star-rating Immediate Read More
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard star-rating 1-3 Days Read More
Thawte SSL123 Wildcard star-rating Immediate Read More
DigiCert Wildcard SSL star-rating 1-2 Days Read More


Are you tired of high price SSL and poor customer support? Then this article is ideal for you where you can find the right SSL certificate including customer’s reviews & ratings of SSL certificate. All above SSL certificate providers are genuine and you can get same level of security to your business. So, why are you paying a high cost when you have a better option of SSL certificates. Just browse the one you desire, and get your website secured with SSL now.

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