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RapidSSL Certificate Review

Reviews of RapidSSL Certificate by 100% Verified RapidSSL Customers

The RapidSSL certificate is a domain validated SSL certificate belongs to RapidSSL brand. It is a trusted certificates authority with thousands of sales in the fastest issuance system takes 1-5 minutes. RapidSSL gives highest 256-bit encryption technology with SHA2 hash algorithms.

A Validation method has been automated and no one to send business documents for certificates issuance, only ownership confirmation requires which is passed via an e mail.

It is possible to save more money by choosing a three years RapidSSL certificates. RapidSSL offers free reissues, $10,000 warranty level and unlimited server licenses.

10 Reasons to choose a RapidSSL Certificate Authority (CA)

  1. Low-Cost SSL Provider
  2. Get it fast with Automated Validation
  3. Easy to install
  4. Reduce security alerts
  5. Secured with strong encryption
  6. Delivered by a leading certificate authority
  7. Reliable infrastructure
  8. 24/7 Expert support
  9. Backed by a free $10,000 warranty
  10. 30 days Money-back guarantee

Specification of RapidSSL Certificate

  • Easy enrollment and installation
  • Issued in minutes
  • Compatible with 99% of all web browser
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Static Site Seal
  • $10,000 warranty
  • Unlimited Reissues
  • Unlimited Server License
  • New SSL Certificate management console
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free 24/7 support by web and email

RapidSSL – Secure, Fast & Reliable

RapidSSL® provides fast, secure and reliable SSL certificate for small and medium website which help your customer’s to keep their transactions secure with strong encryption. Enroll today with automated domain control validation certificate from RapidSSL. Customers can purchase, renew and replace certificates with RapidSSL simple SSL/TLS certificate management console. You can explore more details about the SSL comparison of Standard SSL certificates from major Certificate Authorities including RapidSSL CA.

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