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RapidSSL Certificates Comparison

Compare a world-class DV RapidSSL for Better Website Security

RapidSSL® is the most popular Certificate Authority which especially design for small and medium class online business website security. RapidSSL® offers two types of certificates such as Domain Validated and Wildcard SSL certificate which are the most prerequisite types of SSL certificates on the web.

RapidSSL® has already delivered to plenty of customers to secure their online websites. RapidSSL has major two certificates which has been chosen by the most of e-commerce based website owners to secure their users data and website information on the web.

We have evaluated RapidSSL Certificates based on their types to deliver appropriate information to users to choose the right one;

Main Features RapidSSL RapidSSL WildCard
Certificate Authority RapidSSL
1 1 + all one level sub-domains
$14.95/yr $129/yr,,,,
Personal Websites/Blogs Personal Websites/Blogs
Thumbs-Down Thumbs-Down
Domain Domain
Thumbs-Down Thumbs-Down
Within Minutes Within Minutes
up to 256-bit up to 256-bit
2048 bits 2048 bits
Medium Medium
Domain name displayed on certificate details Domain name displayed on certificate details
Unlimited Unlimited
RapidSSL-Site-Seal RapidSSL-Site-Seal
Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Up
$10,000 $10,000
30 days 30 days
Thumbs-Down Thumbs-Down
Thumbs-Down Thumbs-Up
Thumbs-Down Thumbs-Down
99% 99%
Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Up
Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Up
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