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Sectigo Essential SSL Certificate Review: Learn its Features & Benefits

Sectigo Essential SSL Certificate – Introduction

Sectigo EssentialSSL certificates are great for quick and basic encryption. With 99.9 percent web and mobile browser compatibility, this certificate will secure your website with 256-bit industry-standard encryption. EssentialSSL certificates are issued in just minutes as they are domain validation SSL certificates. You just have to quickly pass the domain validation process which would take just minutes to complete. And, it is also pretty easy to install this certificate on a website.

The padlock icon will be displayed in the address bar as soon as the certificate is installed and activated. That will show your customers that their data is being kept private and encrypted. Small and medium-sized businesses can greatly benefit from the Sectigo EssentialSSL certificate as it delivers all that an entry-level or medium-sized business might need. In addition to the strong encryption, it also comes with a $10,000 warranty and the secure site seal.

Most of all, Sectigo Essential SSL certificates are highly affordable and can be issued in a breeze. This makes it one of the best options for small and medium-sized businesses. The following are the key features.

  • Industry-standard 256-bit encryption
  • Backed by a $10,000 warranty
  • Sectigo Secure Site Seal
  • Issued in minutes

Domain Validated SSL

Sectigo will validate your domain before issuing you an EssentialSSL. As this is a domain validation SSL certificate, the validation process will be too quick. At a maximum of 15 minutes, you can add HTTPS to your website. Quick issuance is one of the main features of this certificate.

Industry-Standard Unbreakable Encryption

Your website will be secured with an unbreakable encryption strength of up to 256-bit and a 2048-bit signature key.

$10,000 Warranty

If there is an issue with your Sectigo EssentialSSL, your end uses will be compensated for up to $10,000. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Static Site Seal

EssentialSSL comes with the secure static site seal. You do not have to pay additionally for this logo and it is free. You can place it on any page on your website. This logo is one of the easiest ways to boost customer confidence and trust as it will show your potential customers that their sensitive information is protected with 256-bit encryption.

Features and Benefits of Sectigo Essential SSL Certificate

  • Secures the WWW and the non-WWW versions
  • 256-bit industry-standard encryption
  • Domain Validated SSL certificate
  • Automated validation – Issued in minutes
  • $10,000 warranty
  • Secures online transactions
  • Sectigo secure site seal
  • 99.9% web and mobile browser compatibility
  • Unlimited server licenses and reissues

Why Choose Sectigo Essential SSL Certificates?

If you are looking for an affordable way to secure your website and add HTTPS, the Sectigo EssentialSSL is the right choice. This certificate is popular among small and medium-sized business websites. It features the padlock icon, https, and the secure site seal. Apart from that, this certificate offers complete web and mobile browser compatibility. This EssentialSSL is ideal for small websites and it does not require any paperwork for domain validation. If you want quick validation and immediate issuance, look no further than the Sectigo EssentialSSL certificate.



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Sectigo is the world’s largest certificate authority that offers a wide range of affordable SSL certificates, where the Sectigo EssentialSSL is one among them. Most online shoppers recognize the Sectigo secure site seal and understand that websites secured with these certificates are safe to deal with. At an affordable price, you can quickly get your website marked “Secure” with the Sectigo EssentialSSL certificate.
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