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Sectigo InstantSSL Premium Certificate Review: Why Choose It?

Sectigo InstantSSL Premium Certificate

InstantSSL Premium is an Organization Validation SSL certificate that comes backed by a generous warranty and best in class encryption strength. The InstantSSL Premium certificate from Sectigo is one of the top-rated SSL certificates that comes at an affordable price when compared to its counterparts. This premium SSL is great for e-commerce websites looking for a professional web security solution. This certificate comes with a massive warranty and you can assure your end-users that they will be covered in case anything goes wrong on Sectigo’s side and if they lose money.

With the secure site seal, this certificate provides visual assurance that your website is safe. Apart from that, InstantSSL Premium comes with the following noteworthy features.
  • Full Business Validated SSL certificate
  • 256-bit strong encryption and 2048-bit Signature Key
  • Backed by a huge $250,000 warranty

Full Business Validation

Sectigo InstantSSL Premium is an Organization Validation SSL certificate for which you will have to go through a light business vetting that may not take more than three days to complete. The process may be a breeze if your business registration details are up to date. Unlike Domain Validation certificates that do not require any paperwork, Organization Validation certificates require a little paperwork. Along with validating your business information by email, you will have to provide your business documentation for validation. Though the process is a little lengthy, OV SSL certificates will give your website higher security.

Strong Encryption

InstantSSL premium certificate offers up to 256-bit encryption strength and 2048-bit digital signatures.

Massive $250,000 Warranty

In the InstantSSL line, the InstantSSL Premium certificate is the one that comes with a huge warranty of $250,000. You can reassure your end-users that they will be covered in case of a catastrophic failure at Sectigo’s end that results in them incurring losses.

Sectigo Secure Seal

The Sectigo Secure Seal is one of the very few recognizable logos online. This logo shows website visitors that the website is trustworthy. Placing this logo on the checkout page is proven to increase trust and transactions. However, this seal is free and you can display it on any page of your choice.

Features and Benefits of the Sectigo InstantSSL Premium Certificate

  • Organization validated SSL certificate
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Issued In 1-3 days
  • 99.9% browser compatibility
  • Free dynamic Sectigo secure site seal
  • $250,000 warranty
  • Unlimited server licenses and reissuance policy
  • 30-day refund policy
  • 24/7 free technical support

Why Choose Sectigo InstantSSL Premium Certificates?

A Sectigo InstantSSL Premium certificate will give your website a higher level of security. It will help your customers to safely make a transaction on your website. A dynamic site seal comes free with this certificate, this seal will display your business details when someone clicks on it. However, to complete the validation process, you will have to provide certain business documents. But in turn, your website will receive topnotch security and you can reassure your customers that your website has been vetted by the world’s largest certificate authority. Moreover, they can safely browse your website on any device as this certificate is compatible with almost all browsers. Based on our InstantSSL Premium Certificate review, we recommend this certificate for e-commerce websites.



Sectigo InstantSSL Premium Certificate

Vendor Price: $319.90

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The largest and most trusted certificate authority, Sectigo has issued millions of SSL certificates over the last 20 years. SSL certificates from Sectigo are known for their performance and strong encryption. Sectigo SSL certificates also meet the growing security needs as a result of which you can never go wrong with an SSL certificate from Sectigo.
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