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Sectigo InstantSSL Pro Certificate Review: Why Choose It?

Sectigo InstantSSL Pro Certificate – Introduction

Sectigo InstantSSL Pro is the most reliable and the easiest way to increase your website visitors’ trust. Along with securing your website with strong 256-bit encryption strength, it will also enable trust indicators like the secure site seal and the padlock icon. This SSL is great for large and medium-sized businesses that look forward to increasing their websites’ conversion rates and customer trust. InstantSSL Pro certificates are organization validation SSL certificates that come with industry-standard encryption and a $100,000 warranty.

The site seal the comes with InstantSSL pro is a dynamic site seal and it is completely free. InstantSSL Pro is similar to Sectigo InstantSSL certificates but the only difference is that it comes with a bigger warranty of $100,000. Here’s our detailed Sectigo InstantSSL Pro certificate review that highlights the key features of this certificate.
  • Full Business Validated SSL certificate
  • 256-bit encryption strength
  • Comes with a $100,000 warranty

Organization Validation SSL Certificate

Being an Organization Validation SSL certificate, InstantSSL Pro will require your business to go through a light business vetting before an SSL is issued. This process will take less than a week and it will take just one to three days to complete. Proving the legitimacy of your organization is all that you need to do to get your website an InstantSSL pro. Soon after the authentication is completed, your website will have the padlock icon.


InstantSSL Pro offers strong encryption of 256-bit and a 2048-bit signature key, which is more than enough to secure your website.

Generous $100,000 Warranty

InstantSSL Pro comes with a $100,000 solid warranty. This warranty will make sure your end-users are covered in the unlikely event that they incur a loss while making a transaction on your website because of a problem with your site’s SSL certificate. In such cases, Sectigo will compensate your end-users for up to $100,000 for the losses incurred.

Browser Compatibility

The Sectigo InstantSSL Pro certificate is compatible with and recognized by all web and mobile browsers. This includes all the latest and older versions of the browser, as well.

Sectigo Secure Seal

The Sectigo Secure site seal is recognized widely. This seal is free and can be placed on any page on your website. Instant SSL Pro offers quick assurance with the site seal as visitors who click on the seal will be able to view your verified business information. This is proven to build trust.

Features and Benefits of the Sectigo InstantSSL Pro Certificate

  • Full business validated SSL certificate
  • 256-bit encryption strength
  • Backed by a $100,000 warranty
  • Free Sectigo secure site seal
  • Unlimited server licenses and re-issuance policy
  • Trusted and recognized by all web and mobile browsers
  • Sectigo secure site seal
  • Prevents browsers from displaying the “not secure” warning and other errors
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Why Choose Sectigo InstantSSL Pro Certificate?

The Sectigo InstantSSL Pro certificate comes packed with the same features as that of the InstantSSL certificate but it comes with an increased warranty of $100,000. Look no further than a Sectigo InstantSSL certificate if you are looking for instant assurance and looking for an easy way to build trust online. In addition to enabling HTTPS, this certificate enables other trust indicators like the secure site seal and the padlock icon. In our Sectigo InstantSSL Pro certificate review, we noticed that this Organization Validation SSL certificate is great for large organizations and e-commerce websites looking to increase visitor trust and conversions.



Sectigo InstantSSL Certificate

Vendor Price: $245.90

2 Year Code – Sectigo2

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Sectigo offers a wide range of SSL certificates and InstantSSL Pro is one of the top of the line SSL certificates that you can get at a relatively lower price. It is one of the affordably-priced Organization Validation SSL certificates that also comes with a huge warranty. Sectigo has been issuing SSL certificates for more than two decades and with a Sectigo SSL, you can reassure your website visitors that their data is in safe hands.
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