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Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate Review: Why Choose it?

Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate – Introduction

Sectigo PositiveSSL is an inexpensive SSL certificate from Sectigo that offers entry-level but industry-standard encryption strength. You can quickly and affordably encrypt your website and get rid of the negative browser indicators like the “not secure” warning that most browsers mark unencrypted websites with. Sectigo PositiveSSL certificates will help you make your customers feel confident while browsing your website.

Sectigo PostiveSSL’s top features are:
  • 256-bit encryption strength
  • 2048-bit signature key
  • Issued and installed in a breeze
Sectigo PositiveSSL is a Domain Validation SSL certificate that can quickly and easily boost your website’s security with 256-bit encryption. Thanks to its fully automated domain validation process as your SSL certificate will be issued in a breeze. As soon as the ownership of your domain is verified, widely-recognized trust indicators like the padlock and the site seal will be displayed on your website and it will be secured with HTTPS, as well.

Domain Validated SSL Certificate

Proving ownership of your registered domain is the only thing you need to do to get a PositiveSSL certificate. Once it is verified, Sectigo will immediately issue your website a PositiveSSL certificate. The fully-automated issuance is a plus as there is no paperwork involved.

$50,000 Warranty

Sectigo’s PositiveSSL certificate comes with a $50,000 warranty. This amount is for your end-users, which means they will be compensated for the damages by Sectigo if something ever happens to go wrong on Sectigo’s end.

Free Site Seal

The site seal is a small logo that comes free with the PositiveSSL certificate. This seal, proven to provide immediate assurance to your website visitors that your website is safe, can be placed on any page on your website.

Unlimited Reissues

You can replace your certificate for free during the lifespan of the certificate. You can get it replaced if you happen to change your contact details or lose your private key after you purchased your certificate. You can also request a replacement if you change your hosting company.

Features and Benefits of PositiveSSL Certificates

  • Strong SSL encryption
  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Unlimited re-issuance and server licensing
  • $50,000 warranty
  • Compatible with all popular browsers
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Why Choose Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificates?

Web browsers penalize websites that do not have an SSL certificate by displaying negative security warnings. In order to get rid of the negative indicators, you will need to encrypt your website with an SSL certificate. Sectigo PositiveSSL certificate is an inexpensive option for websites that do not require organization validation and that have already built customer trust. These certificates are great for low-volume e-commerce websites.



Sectigo PositiveSSL Certificate

Vendor Price: $249.75


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The largest SSL vendor, Sectigo is trusted by millions around the world. Sectigo’s subsidiary, PositiveSSL is well-known for its strong security it offers and its affordable prices. Being an entry-level SSL certificate that fits any budget, PositiveSSL certificates are great for small businesses and will help get rid of negative security indicators.
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