A Series of Cheap Organization Validated SSL Certificate Providers 2016

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An Organization Validation SSL Certificate – High Assurance SSL Certificate for Business Security

An SSL certificates are issued based on validation types. Many of you do not know about an SSL certificate validation types. So, let’s see it in brief. Mainly there are three types of SSL certificate validation – A Domain Validation (DV), An Organization Validation (OV) and An Extended Validation (EV) SSL. A Domain Validation is also called a standard or cheap SSL certificates.

A newer or startup business customers have no idea about these types of SSL certificate, but in technical terms, these validation types play an essential role to decide the website assurance level. An Organization Validation (OV) SSL establishes the organization identity over the website by the rigorous validation process.ov-ssl-image

Domain Validation Vs Organization Validation SSL

A Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate is a basic SSL validation certificate while an Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificate is a more secure SSL than DV. In domain validation SSL, the certificate authorities (CA’s) only verify the domain ownership and issues it very quickly within a few minutes.

Whereas in Organization Validation SSL, the certificate authority checks the domain ownership as well as business existence by checking some legal documents which can submitted by domain owner. After checking the business document details, the certificate authority issues an OV SSL certificate for that domain. A customer can also check the details of business in the certificate to confirm website authenticity.

Advantages of Organization Validation SSL Certificate

Fully Business SSL Certificate

The certificate authority checks, business existence via third party database, government records, company bank statements, article of incorporation, company, phone bill and many other important documents to verify the business existence. After checking all the documents provided by owner, the certificate authority issues an OV SSL certificate.

Level of Trust (256-bit Encryption)

An OV SSL certificate comes with 256-bit (SHA-256) encryption means all transactions, travel between the users and the server will have encrypted and keeps it away from hackers. No one can intercept with it. Users can easily browse your website and without worrying share their sensitive information on the website.

2048-bit Root Encryption

Mostly the certificate authorities follow the CA/B Forum guidelines to strengthen online security, hence they support 2048-bit root encryption to avoid brute force attacks and other cyber-attacks.

Trust Seal

A Secure Site Seal or Trust Seal is a symbol of assurance about website credibility. The different certificate authority provides different site seals. A website owner can put the site seal on any web page for gaining user’s assurance and convert it from customers.

Raise Customer Assurance

Once customers find the Organization Validation enable website, they can understand that the website is secured by the most trusted CA and secure for carrying sensitive information over internet. They will easily interact with your OV SSL website in secure environment.


Cheap Organization Validation SSL Certificates Providers

An Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates are issued by the trusted SSL certificate providers as well as the trusted certificate authorities. A customer can get huge discount benefit on SSL certificates if they can purchase it from SSL Reseller. An SSL Reseller issues a same SSL certificate with same functionality as you purchase it directly from CA. Find here some Cheap Organization Validation SSL Certificates & it’s Providers here:

Brand Certificate Name Product Features Price/Year More Features
comodo-logo InstantSSL
  • $50,000 Warranty
  • Support by e-mail and web
  • Free upgrade to EV SSL
  • 1 year free PCI scanning service
  • 1 year free daily website vulnerability scanning
$29.17 Read More
comodo-logo InstantSSL Pro
  • 99.9% browser coverage
  • $100,000 Warranty
  • FREE Corner of Trust
  • 1 year free PCI scanning service
  • 1 year free daily website vulnerability scanning
$41.66 Read More
comodo-logo InstantSSL Premium
  • Secure Single Domain Name (FQDN) domain.com and www.domain.com
  • $250,000 Warranty
  • Issued In 1-3 days
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • 1 year free PCI scanning service
  • 1 year free daily website vulnerability scanning
$57.49 Read More
comodo-logo Elite SSL
  • Free site seal
  • Free SSL technical Support
  • FREE Hacker Guardian Vulnerability Scan
  • Unlimited reissues
  • Warranty of $500,000
  • Issuance Speed – 1-3 Days
$166 Read More
thawte-logo SSL Web Server
  • SAN Support
  • Free Thawte Trusted Site Seal
  • Warranty $1,250,000
  • Compatible with 99%+ of all browsers
  • Unlimited Reissue
  • Unlimited Server Licensing
$82.33 Read More
geotrust-logo-aboutssl-org True BusinessID
  • Secure www & non-www domains
  • FREE lifetime Reissues
  • $1,250,000 Warranty
  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • Issued In 1-3 Days
$83 Read More
symantec-logo Secure Site
  • SAN Support
  • Supports 2 encryption algorithms, RSA and DSA
  • Norton™ Secured Seal
  • Seal-in-Search
  • Free Norton Daily Malware Scanning
  • $1,500,000
  • Unlimited Reissue
$274 Read More
symantec-logo Secure Site Pro
  • FREE Norton Secured Seal
  • SAN Support
  • $1,500,000 warranty
  • FREE Vulnerability Assessment & Actionable Report
  • FREE Norton Daily Malware Scanning
  • Seal-in-Search
$666 Read More
ca-ssl-com High Assurance SSL
  • Includes WWW
  • $10,000 USD Insurance Guarantee
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Activates SSL Secure Site Seal
  • 2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption
  • Unlimited Reissuances
$69 Read More


An Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificate is an ideal choice for website owner who want to prove their identity over internet and assure their users that how much they take care of their sensitive information. The above detailed article will help for OV SSL seekers to find their best OV SSL for website security at cheapest price.