SSL Certificate Errors in Android Devices

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Understand SSL Certificate Errors and Handle Them in Android Devices

Android SSL Error

Android SSL Error

The world of technology has been growing rapidly and its impact can see through growing figure of desktop and mobile devices usage. In era of digital technology, users wants to secure their website information and user data on desktop along with mobile devices too.

SSL certificate is essential aspect of website development and its compulsory asset of online business which helps to secure website and user data on the Internet. Our experts has evaluated various styles of SSL certificate errors which needs to be resolve when it comes on SSL certificate security Android based mobile devices.

Let’s take broad view on types of SSL certificate errors in Android based devices.


“SSL Certificate is not trusted on Android Device Only”

The following error of SSL certificate on mobile devices is just because of chain certificate. Android OS devices have always importance about ordering of SSL certificate. If you have chain certificate then you must have right order of certificate such as intermediate certificate and then primary certificate.

The solution for above error is just re-order your certificates in right order on the server because Android OS is more stringent about the order of certificate.


“SSL Certificate is not accepted by Android Device”

In above error of SSL certificate, you must have the right order of certificates installed on the server such as you must have chain, server, root and intermediate certificate to get verified on the Android devices.

More information about SSL certificate documents in Android Devices visit official website of Android Developers.