SSL Certificate Errors in Windows 7

Technically, SSL certificate protect websites on the Internet so error in Operating System in Windows 7 is little bit odd. But yes, SSL certificate sometime pop an error when there is bug in windows 7 also.

Being an expert in SSL certificate security, our experts have assess errors of SSL certificate in Windows 7 which will help to users who are not aware about this kind of errors when accessing website with security warnings on the Internet.

ssl certificate error

“Untrusted Error when Visiting SSL Certificate Installed Website”

Solution 1; In case of untrusted error while visiting of SSL certificate installed website on Windows 7 is about Microsoft root certificate error. The computer which is missing Microsoft root certificate will create untrusted SSL certificate error while visiting SSL secured website on the Internet.

More information about Microsoft Root certificate visit official documents on the Microsoft website,

Solution 2; the above following error might be raised due to unsynchronized of your computer clock, so it is advisable to check your computer windows 7 clock. it must be synchronized. However, if it isn’t then synchronized it and reboot your computer to get resolve the following error.


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