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SSL Comparison by Issuance Time, Warranty, Refund Policy

Website security with SSL certificate is always an important aspect to online business owner and users as both core parts of online business to execute online transaction through e-commerce platforms. It’s always tough to choose the right SSL certificate for website owners because SSL certificate is more crucial to website owners compare to users. SSL certificate has multiple types and it’s really more complex to choose the right solution from among the different brands.

All Certificate Authority has their own limits with their SSL certificate security features. The different brands offered a different range of security based on the types of SSL certificate such as Domain Validation, Organization Validation, Extended Validation, Wildcard and Multi Domain/SAN SSL options.

Before buying any SSL Certificate its duty of issuer to do a better research on SSL certificate, first of all he must check the issuance time, warranty and refund policy offered by Certificate Authority. We have compared the largest and the most popular Certificate Authority (CA) security features which common from all brands such as issuance timing, warranty, and refund policy. All of this common features will help you to choose the right certificate which is avail without risk.

Checking of Issuance Time is very important, because as soon as the Certificate Authority verify documents and issues Certificate, you can install it on your server and make your visitors secure. It the issuance process takes time; visitors remain unsecure till…

It’s always important to check the Warranty amount; because during the breach or hacking attack is user’s information gets stolen, and the warranty is high, you can claim that amount from Certificate Authority. Better to select the certificate which offers high warranty amount.

Before buying SSL, please note the Refund Policy. In case you’ve bought a Business validation certificate and issuance took 10 days, it the refund policy is for just 15 days or less you will not be able to cancel this certificate.  And it the refund time is greater you can cancel your certificate any time. So better to select SSL certificate which offers refund policy of at least 30 days.

Not only Issuance Time, Refund Policy and Warranty Amount, but the issuer must have to check the other important criteria such as Price, CA Rating and reviews, support options, etc.

If you wish to do more research on SSL certificates price, issuance time, certificate authority, warranty, refund policy, etc. visit our SSL Wizard page.

SSL Certificate Comparison

Brand symantec-logo comodo-logo geotrust logo rapidssl-logo thawte-logo
CA Rating
Issuance Time 1-7 Days Immediate 1 Day Immediate Immediate
Warranty USD $1,750,000 USD $1,500,000 USD $1,500,000 USD $10,000 USD $1,750,000
Refund Policy 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Support Options 24/7 Hours Via Chat, Email & Call 24/7 Hours Via Chat, Email & Call 24/7 Hours Via Chat, Email & Call 24/7 Hours Via Chat, Email & Call 24/7 Hours Via Chat, Email & Call
Certificate Authority Review Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
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