Top 3 Code Signing Certificates & its Providers

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No More Confusion when it comes to Buying Cheapest Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates are digital certificates used to sign executables, scripts, software, codes, etc. to validate the authenticity of the Author. This way the users can make sure that the file/software they are using is legitimate and has not been altered. This way it establishes an element of trust in the user’s mind and prompts him/her to download and use the software without any concern.

Although the cheapest Code Signing certificate can be implemented for various purposes, they are most widely used to sign the programming codes. That is why they are called Code Signing Certificates.

Why Code Signing Certificate?

Let’s understand this with an example.

Code Signing Certificate TypesSuppose you built a software by writing tons of codes. Now, you want to launch this software in the market and sell it online as well. So, how do you make sure that the users who download your software can be sure of the fact that it’s you who has built it, not someone else? How do you make sure that the codes don’t get tampered or stole by hackers and fraudsters? Well, that is exactly where the best Code Signing certificates enter the picture.

Primarily, they serve two purposes – Authentication and Integrity. The Code Signing certificates are recognized by all the leading operating systems as well as leading browsers.

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How Does Code Signing Certificate Work?

The functionalities and the entire process of Code Signing certificates are almost identical to those of SSL certificates. That is why the certificate authorities providing SSL certificates are also in the business of selling Code Signing certificates.


Let’s understand the process from head to toe.

  1. First, you need to apply for purchasing SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA).
  2. The CA conducts vetting process to verify your identity. This is done to make sure that any ill-intended person doesn’t get hold of it.
  3. Once the verification process is over, the CA issues the certificate.
  4. On purchasing a certificate, it’s time to install it. You can install it on whatever platform you wish to.
  5. Now you can start signing your executables and scripts.

Advantages of Code Signing Certificates

  • Code Integrity
  • Protection against illegally cracked and patched software
  • Author Validation
  • Increased Customer Trust
  • Indestructible Encryption Technology
  • More Trust = More Downloads
  • More Downloads = More Money

Top 3 Cheap Code Signing Certificate Providers

Getting a Code Signing Certificate has never been easier. Here are three platforms where you can get Code Signing Certificate for cheapest possible prices.


Comodo SSL Certificate ImageComodo, the largest certificate authority in the world is known for its super-affordable SSL certificates. Somehow, they manage to provide their products at cheapest prices. Comodo Code Signing certificate follows the same path in that regards. Being trusted by 40.3% of SSL users worldwide, you get a bagful of trust and credibility with the Comodo brand name.

Whether you are an individual or represent a business, Comodo supports both. It means that you can either validate your code signing as an individual or as a firm. Click on Read More button for cheap Comodo Code Signing Certificate.

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Symantec Certificate AuthorityIt would be a shocking surprise if anyone on the internet hasn’t heard of Symantec. That is the level of trust and popularity Symantec holds. As a result, it leads your customers to trust you and your products more. The vetting process of Symantec is pretty smooth and can be completed without any hiccups. You can issue your certificate within 2-4 days. Click on Read More button for cheapest Symantec Code Signing Certificate.

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Thawte ImageAnother great CA offering Thawte Code Signing certificates at low costs. Thawte’s verification process doesn’t take much time. All you have to do is to submit the necessary documents and you’re good to go. Thawte is an excellent choice to authenticate and protect your codes and documents. Click on Read More button for cheap Thawte Code Signing Certificate.

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Concluding thoughts

If you are one of those geeks for whom writing codes is the work of every day, Code Signing certificates are for you. If you have your own business or work in one, and want to protect your codes and software, code signing is for you.