Adobe® Air™ Code Signing Certificate

Digital Signature of Code Signing Certificate for Adobe® Air™

Adobe® Air™ Code Signing Certificate for company and individual web developers who develops desktop based application for Adobe® Air™. Certificate enables digital signature for code and content to protect them on the Internet.

Adobe® Air™ Code Signing Certificate helps users to build online trust and confidence over the desktop application, which were developed based on Adobe® Air™. Certificate allow digital signature for Adobe Ajax and Flex files.

Adobe® Air™ Code Signing Certificate influence users about their code and content security and ensure users that they are downloading safe and secure software on the Internet. Certificate is now available from the world-class Certificate Authorities such as (CA) such as Symantec™, Thawte™, and Comodo™.

Key Elements and Benefits of Adobe® Air™ Code Signing Certificates

  • Digital sign for sign .air or .airi files.
  • Retain a user interest through showing the validation of code and software identity.
  • Available from the leading Certificate Authorities (CA) such as Symantec™, Thawte™ & Comodo™.
  • A comprehensive compatibility of Hash Algorithm (SHA)-1 and SHA 2 options.
  • The prerequisite online security aspect for all AIR-based applications.
  • Boost the branding of your software through assurance of software integrity.
  • Timestamp will be reflected to reduce the cost of maintaining code.
  • Multiple year discount will bring you large amount of saving.

What Require to Enroll?

In order to enroll Adobe® Air™ Code Signing Certificate, you must have Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Learn more about Adobe® Air™ Code Signing Certificate from various brands to sign code with digital signature.

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