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Apple Code Signing Certificates

Retain Integrity of Mac OS X Software with Apple Code Signing Certificate

Apple Code Signing Certificate creates a digital shrink web signature to protect Mac OS x based on all types of software. It delivers 100% integrity of software on the Internet while it’s being downloaded by users on the web. Apple Code Signing Certificate influences users’ trust about the Mac OS x software code, and it has been from a trusted source since it was developed.

Apple Code Signing Certificate will add additional value to your Mac OS x software code and help software publishers in order to boost branding on the Internet. Let’s explore the values of the Apple Code Signing Certificate, which helps companies or individual developers.

Key Elements and Benefits of Apple Code Signing Certificates

  • Digitally sign Mac OS x software code and content.
  • Full compatible with all 99.99% web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Available from the leading Certificate Authorities (CA) such as Symantec™ and Thawte™.
  • Avoid scary security warnings.
  • Ensure your brand safety through digital code signing certificate
  • Influence user trust and confidence while downloading software code on the web.
  • Boost the branding of your software through assurance of software integrity.
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