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What is Documents Signing Certificate?

Secure Documents using Document Signing Certificate

No matter how big or small a business is, every business needs to send some documents to their clients. This documents could be a bill, statement, broacher, prospectus, annual report etc. They do it by means of sending emails or by using other platforms. It is absolutely essential to protect the confidentiality of these documents as they carry confidential information. For the sake of client’s trust, it is vital for these documents to be transferred in a secured environment. To fulfill this compelling need, a ‘Document Signing Certificate’ is required.

Document Signing certificate is designed to secure Microsoft Office Documents, Adobe PDF files, OpenOffice documents and LibreOffice documents. When a document is transferred from one place to another via email or directly over the internet, the documents is encrypted using a Document signing certificate. It prevents any data-tempering or data-theft attempt by a third party.

A trust indicator is placed in the corner of a Signed Document. This indicates that the document is in the same condition as it was sent.

Document Signing certificates have a swift validation process and are built with a high security policy which improves the user experience.

Advantages of Using Document Signing Certificates

  • Accessible by any document editing software
  • Establishes document authorship and integrity
  • Saves time & resources by adopting paperless workflow
  • Supports multiple document platforms such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PDFs, LibreOffice, etc.
  • Boosts client confidence level
  • Easy to use on all available platforms

Who should Use a Document Signing Certificate?

  • Online businesses dealing with customers’ bills, transaction details, e-broachers, etc.
  • Universities/Colleges, to protect student’s mark sheets, certificates, and report card details
  • Banking, to protect customers’ account details, e-statements, transaction details, etc.

Document Sighing Certificates can secure

  • Adobe PDF files
  • Microsoft office documents
  • LibreOffice documents
  • OpenOffice documents

Document Signing Certificate Brands

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