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What is Email Secure SSL Certificate?

Secure Emails using Email Secure Certificates

During an email transmission over internet, the sender and receipt always worry about the email content not read, tempered or modified by attackers. The email must be deliver to receipt in the same condition as it was sent by the sender, and also sender’s information must not be changed as well. To get this thing done an email signing certificate is an ultimate option.

Email Secure SSL Certificates also known as Email Signing SSL Certificates are designed to protect and authenticate the email transmissions. Unlike Code Signing certificate, the email secured SSL Certificate signs email and email message digitally which ensures no other person or robot can read or modify the message.

When a user sends an email, it transmits through many systems, computers and servers which he never aware. The user also not aware about the physical location of those computers and systems and who is maintaining them. The Email Secure certificate lets that user to add a digital ID included with that email which ensures that email, message text and attachments was sent by that user only.

Email secured Certificate comes up with trust integrity that assures that the email attachment and text is not been tempered or changed by any other person between the transition.

Why Email Signing SSL Certificate?

  • Generally, unencrypted email is easily hackable for cyber attackers whereas they find hard/impossible to crack an encrypted email.
  • Unencrypted email can be easily spoof able but encrypted email delivers privacy and security.
  • Issued and installed within minutes
  • Compatible with every email clients and web browsers
  • Compatible with all mobile and desktop devices & Operating systems
  • Available within minutes and easily accessible

Email Secure SSL certificate support following email clients

  • Microsoft® Outlook & Mail
  • Microsoft® Outlook Express
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • Each S/MIME compliant

Video Tutorial – How to Add a Digital Signature to Your Emails 

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