What is Email Secure SSL Certificate?

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Encrypt Email Communication with Secure Email Certificate

When it comes to sending confidential information on the Internet, there is always a concern of the email being read, tempered or hacked by the attackers. For the safety on both sides, it is indispensable that the email reaches in its original form. For this purpose, Secure Email SSL Certificate are getting more and more popular.

Email secure SSL Certificates are designed to protect and authenticate the email transmissions. Unlike Code Signing certificate, the secured Email SSL Certificate signs emails digitally which ensures that no other person or robot can read or modify the message. A Digital ID is given to the user which ensures the identity of the user who sent the email.

Why Secure Email Certificate?

  • An unencrypted email can be easily hacked by the hackers whereas it is practically impossible to hack/temper an encrypted email.
  • Can be issued and installed within minutes
  • Compatible with all email clients and web browsers
  • Compatible with all mobile and desktop devices & operating systems

Email Secure SSL certificate support following email clients

  • Microsoft® Outlook & Mail
  • Microsoft® Outlook Express
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • Each S/MIME compliant

Video Tutorial – How to Add a Digital Signature to Your Emails