Java™ Code Signing Certificates

Ensure Integrity of Java™ Applets Software through Digital Code Signing Certificate

Java™ Code Signing Certificate enables the digital signature algorithm to protect software code and content on Java™ Applets. Certificate creates digital shrink web technology to sign .jar files and Java™ applications in order to enable them without any data breach on the Internet. Software trigger security warnings while downloading them on the Internet and the concern cause of this kind security warning is a code hasn’t been signed by digital signature.

Java Code Signing Certificate ensures integrity of software code and publisher identity that software code hasn’t been tempered since it was signed by Java™ Code Signing Digital signature. Certificate boost users trust and confidence level while downloading software, which has been signed by digital signature.

Key Elements and Benefits of Java Code Signing Certificates

  • Create digital signed .jar files for desktop platforms.
  • Full compatible with Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • Available from the leading Certificate Authorities (CA) such as Symantec™, Thawte™ & Comodo™.
  • A comprehensive compatibility of Hash Algorithm (SHA)-1 and SHA 2 options.
  • Influence user trust and confidence while downloading software code on the web.
  • Boost the branding of your software through assurance of software integrity.

What Require to Enroll Java™ Code Signing Certificates?

In order to enroll Java™ Code Signing Certificate, you must have Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Learn more about Java™ Code Signing Certificate from various brands to sign code with digital signature.

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