What is UCC SSL Certificate?

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Secure up to 250 Multiple Domains with UCC SSL

UCC SSL Certificate stands for Unified Communication certificate. It is designed to protect multiple fully qualified domains (FQDN) under single SSL management. Under UCC SSL, the first domain is considered ‘Primary Domain’ or ‘Base Domain’ and other domains are regarded as SAN (Subject Alternative Names) domains. Depending on the certificate authority (CA), a user can secure from 25 to 250 domains.

As it allows users to protect multiple domains, it saves time in managing SSL and lowers the cost as well. UCC SSL certificates come with both the DV and OV SSL option along with 2048-bit signature and vigorous 256-bit encryption length.

It also comes with Wildcard SSL certificate feature. Comodo offers this certificate, which is named ‘UCC Wildcard SSL Certificate’. Its functions include validating the business, securing website(s) and protecting up to 100 multiple domains (along with an unlimited number of sub-domains).

UCC SSL certificate with domain validation (DV) doesn’t require giving documents to the CA and it takes only minutes for issuance. Whereas in organization validation (OV) option, it takes up to 3 days and business documents are must as per certificate authority’s guidelines. Here is the list of business validation documents required to issue UCC SSL Certificate.

Unified Communication certificates are specially designed to work with Microsoft Exchange server, Office communications server and Live communication server environment structure. UCC SSL Certificate will work as multi-domain SSL if the number of servers is above three.

UCC SSL Certificate can secures

  • www.example.com
  • www.example2.com
  • www.example3.net
  • mail.example.net
  • dev.example2.com

UCC SSL Certificate Feature

  • Secure up to 250 domain names with single SSL
  • 2048 bit signature
  • Unlimited Server license
  • 256-bit encryption length
  • Microsoft Office Communication server support
  • Microsoft Exchange Server support

Compare Best UCC SSL Certificates from Trusted SSL Brands

Brand thawte-logo comodo-logo geotrust logo symantec-logo
Certificate Authority THAWTE COMODO GeoTrust® SYMANTEC™
SSL Certificate SSL Web Server Standard UC CertificateTrue BusinessID Multi-Domain Secure Site
CA Rating
THAWTE Reviews

COMODO Reviews

GeoTrust Reviews

Symantec Reviews
Pricing for 1 Year $99.00 $149.00 $278.00 $329.00
Pricing for 2 Year $86.50/yr $130.38/yr$235.50/yr $279/yr
Domains Secured Single Domain with SAN included 2 Different Domain Names Included5 Different Domain Names Included – Additional domains available at $15-$25 each. Single Domain with SAN included
Issuance Speed Within 1-3 Days Within a few minutesWithin 1-2 Days Within 1-3 Days
Validation Required Organization Validation Organization ValidationOrganization Validation Organization Validation
Notification Level in Web Browsers Domain Name and Organization Name Shown On Certificate Domain Name and Organization Name Shown On CertificateDomain Name and Organization Name Shown On Certificate Domain Name and Organization Name Shown On Certificate
Encryption Strength Up to 256 Bit Up to 256 BitUp to 256 Bit Up to 256 Bit
Browsers Compatibility 99% 99%99% 99%
Include Site Seal Yes YesYes Yes
Number of Free Reissues Allowed Unlimited UnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited
Number of Server License Unlimited UnlimitedUnlimited Single Server
SAN Support YesYes Yes Yes
Support Options YesYes Yes No
Warranty $1,250,000 $250,000$1,250,000 $1,500,000
Refund Policy 30 Days30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Certificate Authority Review Read Reviews Read ReviewsRead Reviews Read Reviews
Read More Read More Read MoreRead More Read More
Buy Now Buy Now Buy NowBuy Now Buy Now

Top Unified Communications or UC Certificates SSL Re-sellers from Industry

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