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Why you Need Code Signing Certificate for your Android App?

When It Comes to Securing an Android App, Code Signing Certificate is a must!

Behind any application, there goes a tremendous amount of effort and energy of many people. Long hours, never-ending coding lines, countless cups of coffee and hundreds of edits – a recipe of making an Android application. Having so many things at stake, it is of utmost importance to protect the integrity and security of an app. That is where code signing certificates enter the scene. The code sign certificate lets the users know that the app they’re downloading/using is genuine. A Code Signing Certificate encrypts an application so that the code behind an app remains intact and anyone is not defrauded.


Malware Infusion Through Android Apps

Android occupies more than 85% market share when it comes to the world of smartphones. The Google Play Store comprises of around 3 million applications. Being such a widely adopted platform, Android apps represent a highly rewarding target for cyber-criminals.

Unlike the other operating systems, Android allows the users to download 3rd party applications. That’s where the danger comes in. It’s sad to see many rookies as well as seasoned developers ignoring one of the most important parts of Android app security – code security. Call it their negligence, ignorance or unawareness, this is something that must be on top of every developer’s priority list. If the code of an app isn’t protected, the attackers can infuse a malware-infected code in the app and distribute it through various platforms. The users fall prey to this widely used tactic as they don’t think twice about downloading apps and giving them the permissions. A single malware-infected application can be a cause of misery for thousands of people.

Code Signing Certificate & Android Apps: A Match Made in Heaven

Using Encryption technique, a code signing certificate turns the code of an app into an undecipherable format. Thereby, protecting the authenticity of the developers as well as keeping the code away from the reach of the hackers and fraudsters. This way an android app is fortified against any alterations. This is done using Public Key Cryptography, the same cryptography method used in SSL certificates.

You won’t have to indulge the gray cells of your brain as Google has made the installation process of Code Signing as simple as it could possibly be. You just have to follow a pre-defined set of instructions and the certificate will be installed.

Benefits of Code Signing Certificates

The code signing certificates are issued by entities called ‘certificate authorities’. These certificate authorities are trusted all-around the world and you receive a stamp of approval from them on installing a code signing certificate. These trust-marks or seals play a key role as far as customer trust is concerned.

Here are some of the benefits of installing a code signing certificate:

  • Get your app featured on Google Play Store: You might be aware of the fact that Google doesn’t accept applications unless they’re signed using valid code signing certificates. If your application isn’t on the play store, what is the point of creating an app in the first place?
  • Enhanced Reputation: Digital signatures such as code signing certificates improve the trust levels in a customer’s mind. The trust-signs play their part in this. A bridge of trust is built between the app provider and users. Surely, this enhances your reputation and ratings on the internet.
  • Increased Revenues: As any successful entrepreneur will tell you to keep your customers happy. If the customers trust you and are happy with your performance, more people are likely to download your apps. This ultimately results in increased revenues and you certainly want that, don’t you?

How to find Best Code Signing Certificate for Android?

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Video Tutorial – What is a Code Signing Certificate?

Final Comment

“When the stakes are high and hackers come by, Code Signing will help you fly!”

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