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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have an EV SSL/TLS Certificate for Your Website

EV SSL/TLS Certificate Is an Investment Know Why You Must Have One

Does your website deal with financial information like credit card details or banking related? Are you into e-commerce business and looking to increase conversion rates? Or are you a business owner who wants the industry’s best SSL/TLS certificate as it deals with many things like email address, password, address or phone number, and trust is of utmost importance, for instance, shopping portal.
why ev ssl
As said earlier, if you’re a business owner who also deals with online business such as selling something online, then regardless of your niche, your main aim might be to gain an edge over the competition. And the truth is even the smallest thing, such as an SSL certificate can make a whole lot different.

Without a doubt, the visited site is responsible for the safety of its visitor’s data. Again, SSL/TLS certificate being mandatory, you might have even installed it, and your connection might be encrypted. But have you given a thought on whether your website should get an EV (Extended Validated) SSL/TLS certificate for the online business or not?

Even after the green address bar has been removed, the EV SSL/TLS certificate is still considered as the strongest trust indicator for the websites that deal with financial details. It’s the most vital clue that the website is genuine, and the visitor shouldn’t be scared of it.

If you’ve done your research, you might already know how it’s not easy to get an EV SSL/TLS certificate, and it’s quite even expensive compared to other types of SSL/TLS certificates. However, that’s also true that an Extended validated SSL certificate is one of the ways to get maximum conversions, which means maximum profit.

It’s true that many websites don’t need an EV SSL certificate, but if you have an online store, enterprise, financial institution, or even a small company that deals with sensitive details of the visitors, by getting an EV SSL certificate you may reap many benefits. Also, you won’t even have to pay hefty amounts, as certificate authorities such as Sectigo and Thawte offers the industry’s best EV certificate to people who have limited or even tight budget.

Let’s look at some case studies that show how EV SSL/TLS certificate can prove to be a smart addition for your business.

Extended Validated SSL Certificate Boosts Customer Trust & Confidence in Your Brand

In today’s date, any information related to an SSL certificate is available, and even security threats are on the rise. And, users are also aware that SSL is one of the things that must be checked, especially if it’s shopping portal or any website where they’ve to enter their banking or other financial information. And EV SSL certificate does prove helpful – though now you’ve to click the padlock in the URL, but it still does show organization name, which does create trust factor and boost user’s confidence.

For example, Fresh Water Systems commercial water cooler service and installation Company’s website sell different parts of the water filtration system online that requires users to enter sensitive details like the credit card number. So, they use the GlobalSign Extended Validation certificate that helps create trust and confidence for users, which also allows users to do online transactions without being fear of a fake or malicious website.

Protection From Online Threats & Phishing Attacks

Phishing is one of the oldest scams which still linger on the internet. It’s a type of attack which dupes users into thinking they’re on the genuine website because of that they even end up submitting their login or other sensitive details like credit card number later on only to find they’ve become the victim. And, to avoid these types of scenarios, EV SSL/TLS certificate proves helpful.

EV SSL/TLS certificate is the certificate that isn’t easy to obtain. An applicant has to go through a very stringent verification process that verifies organization details, and even phone call verification is done, which makes it impossible for cyber crooks to obtain it. Other than that, it also provides visual indicators such as the name of the organization on clicking certificate details, which makes it easy for users to spot whether they’re on the right website or not.

Also, the research was done by Georgia Tech’s Cyber Forensics Innovation (CyFI) Lab on Extended Validated SSL/TLS Certificate. It concluded that 99.99% of the time, it’s not possible for cybercriminals to get EV SSL/TLS certificate by researching around 2.6 million domain names earlier from 2010.

Better Conversions

In today’s date, phishing and other online threats are quite prevalent, and users are aware of it. In such a technology-driven world where online crimes keep on happening from day to day, it’s tough to build user’s trust.

Also, when you’ve reached one stage where steady growth is taking place, building trust and authority from that point onwards, even become more critical. And mostly it won’t be possible to cross that limit until you don’t make a certain investment for it. And Extended Validated SSL/TLS certificate is one of those investments on which you can count upon.

Further, even one of the studies commissioned by respected certificate authority Thawte has proved that adopting EV SSL/TLS certificate has increased the conversion rate anywhere from 16.9% to 30% depending upon the website and industry.

One famous example is one of the UK’s most extensive footwear retailers, Fitness Footwear, whose card abandonment dropped by 13.3%, and conversion increased to 16.9% once they implemented an EV SSL/TLS certificate for their website.


Sometimes, people questions the efficiency EV SSL/TLS certificate brings, especially due to the removal of the green address bar from popular browsers like Google Chrome. And, nowadays, you even have to inspect the certificate to confirm the official name of the company.

However, it doesn’t matter what people think about it. It’s a fact that an EV SSL/TLS certificate is continuing, and it’ll continue to give the highest level of trust to customers while preventing users from online attacks such as phishing. Also, it provides enough visual indicators to prove that website is legit and not the malicious one.

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