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Why Your E-Commerce Startup Needs an EV SSL Certificate

Have an Online Business? Here’s How an EV SSL Certificate can Help You

The internet has been nothing less than a revolution no matter which field you’re talking about. Whether you’re an artist, a performer, a content creator, a student, or an aspiring entrepreneur, the internet has expanded the horizons that didn’t exist some time ago. As well-known entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, “We live in the greatest era of all time.” To be fair, it’s quite hard to disagree with his statement.

To make the most out of the opportunities we’ve been afforded, many of us have started online businesses (e-commerce businesses) if you call them.

But before you reach six, seven, or eight-figure sales, you must start from zero. And the biggest hurdle in this journey, outside of yourself, is trust. As you’re just starting from scratch, you must build your reputation from ground zero. That’s why you shouldn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to building trust and establishing your brand presence.

An SSL/TLS certificate is one such stone.

An SSL/TLS certificate, as some of you may know, is responsible for encryption and authentication of a website. It means that, when you install an SSL cert, the information being transmitted from the client’s device to the website’s server gets encrypted. So, when a user types his/her password or credit card details on your site, no one can intercept or alter the information. This is significant from the security point of view.

Without SSL encryption, you cannot accept payments according to PCI-DSS requirements.

Another purpose served by an SSL certificate is authentication or identity verification. To obtain OV and EV SSL certificates, one must go through an extensive vetting process conducted by the certificate authority (CA). This typically involves verification of legal documents and public records such as Dun and Bradstreet. This way it’s made sure that no malicious party gets hold of an SSL/TLS certificate.

We hope you’re clear about the role played by SSL certificates in web security. Now let’s move on to EV (extended validation) SSL certificates.



EV SSL Certificates: Perfect for e-commerce

“For e-commerce, the most important thing is trust.” – Jack Ma.

Jack Ma couldn’t be more right here. Trust, an often-ignored part, plays a central role in deciding the success of an e-commerce business. An EV SSL certificate can help you immensely with it.

Go to and notice it displays Apple’s name (Apple Inc. [US]) in the address bar, right? Well, you too can show the name of your company in the same way. How? An EV SSL certificate is an answer for you. You’ll have to go through an extensive vetting process to get one. Don’t get discouraged by the word “extensive” as it’ll be pretty easy if you have your records in place.

The verified company name in the URL and domain’s country code inspires instant user trust and establishes a reputation.

 Put yourself in a customer’s shoes for a second and ask which site you’d trust more, the one with the business name in the URL or without it? You know the answer.


Importance of Verified Business Name in the Web URL

A Tec-ED study showed that…


  • 97% of the customers feel comfortable giving their credit card information to a site with the organization name.
  • 93% of customers prefer doing their online shopping on a website with the organization name.
  • 77% would hesitate to shop at a website without one.

Concluding Words

In the online world, there is nothing better than having the trust of your customer. It can not only help you increase your revenues, but it can also help you build your brand and consequently, get more customers. There was a time when EV certs were pretty expensive, but that time is long gone. Granted, they’re more costly than other SSL certs, but they pay for themselves in the long run. So, get an EV cert and flaunt your identity with the verified business name.
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